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  15. Thanks! I found a roommate and a cool friend using your incredible site. After having my room posted 3 days, I found the right person. This was AFTER running my ad in the local paper for 5 weeks and spending $36.00 per week! I had so many "junk" calls that it caused my cell phone bill top $350.00. All this effort from the newspaper ad just to find no one. But from I found GREAT potential roomates I never imagined existed out there! The ability to place a profile of my place and to screen others based upon their initial profile was great. In the future, I'm investing my hard earned money in your service and never in the local paper. Jay. - Mauiroom

  16. I found a good person within a week. I encourage anyone to use because it's easy to use and it works. M.P - Sourisme

  17. I was amazed at the number of people who contacted me about rooms that they had available for rent. I thought that I would be poring over ads and doing all the work, and slowly narrowing down my possiblities. The reality, however, was that I reveived many mails from people with rooms for rent, and I was able to just look at the ones that I thought would be the best. The end result was that I found a townhouse a half mile from where I will be working , and I'll be sharing it with a very cool person with whom I have a lot in common. This was an excellent experience, and I truly appreciate the services offered by - Steven

  18. Roommates .com was the best choice I made, It took some getting going , but when I figured out how easy it was to do we found our roommate in 1 week. Thank you - Thom and Faith

  19. I was in a tough situation because my roommate and apartment search had to be accomplished out of state. Your website was literally the only link I had to find a place. Fortunetly, with a little patience I found a great place and even more importantly an awesome roommate thanks to your service. I would deffinetely recommend to anyone who would like to save time and money looking for a place ( in other word anyone and everyone).Thanks for the help, - Ryan

  20. This site was a huge help. I didn't want to pay for my own place and trying to find a roommmate was getting difficult. Through, I was able to find a place that I can afford with awesome people. I wish everybody else the best of luck and hope their search turns out as well as mine! - Catherine

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