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  1. Roommates is great site for anyone who doesn't have the time and money to fly around looking for somewhere to live. It's easier and quicker as well! I'd rather pay $20.00 a month and look at places at my convience than buying a plane ticket and keeping to a tight schedule. Thank you Roomates! - Jon

  2. I found this website very effective. People are very nice and always respond to your messages. I currently live in London and I found a place in San Francisco in a week ! My new flatmates are also picking me up at the Airport ! What a service! - David

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  4. I found an awesome place with compatible people. I have been out to sea and by the grace of God had the internet. The only place that allowed me to e-mail people with rooms available was this site. My life is much easier now that I have a home to go to after living on a navy ship for the past few months. - Misty

  5. I have found a roommate through Matter of fact I found one in only a few days. I am truly grateful for this website and the person(s) who created it are geniuses. Thank you for an amazing website and a wonderful experience. - Kristy

  6. Your service is one of the best databases (of any type) i've ever used on the web. Thanks for your valuable resource! - paul - Paul

  7. Thank you so much for helping me find an excellent match for a roommate. I'm new to the San Diego area and only here for approx one year. Going through was the perfect answer for me and my situation. I learned about while I was searching for apartment on ( I think ). There, I found a link to and the rest is history. I would definitely refer anyone to this site. I will use it again if ever I am in the need for a roommate. - Pamela

  8. is very helpful. I have found a perfect place in the neighborhood I wanted for a perfect deal in no time. Once I'd registered, many people contacted me. The Power Search option is a very useful tool. I would recommend to anyone. - Pjy1919

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  11. Thanks I found an awesome roommate. It seems like the perfect match and I think you have a great site! Keep up the good work! Kerri Cornell - Kerri612

  12. Thank you so much for your service! I found a roommate in a great part of Brooklyn, New York. I curretly live in New Jersey and so looking foward to moving closer to my job. You're a life saver and a time saver! :) - Tisa

  13. Your site has been very helpful for my search of a roommate. I found several places to choose from, picking which one was the hard part. I have recommended this site to others. Thanks again. - Internmomma

  14. Thank you very much. Your site was very helpful and easy to use. I found a great apartment at a great price. - The_yost

  15. Your Web site works great. Within 48 hours of listing my ad, I was all set. Your site relieved a lot of stress from moving across country. - Jim - Tooschort

  16. I found an awesome roommate. People should use this site and none other; it's the most user-friendly one I can remember. Rock on! - Nikki13

  17. Great service. This worked out so well, I was amazed. I found the site by chance while studying in New Zealand. I Am transfering from Montana State to Western Washington University and have never been to Bellingham, WA. I had no idea how I was going to find a roomate and had all but committed to expensive college housing. Within a day of signing up on Roomates, I recieved a response and had found a place to live within a week. Finding a living situation I could be comfortable with in a town I'd never been to while living in New Zealand is pretty cool to say the least. I saved 150 per month over college housing as well. Thank you fo this useful and inexpensive service. - Jeremy

  18. This is the best site I've been to, to find a roommate. It makes everything so much easier for both parties. Thank you to the people who created this site! - Dafina

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  20. This site was extremely beneficial to me. I had one week to find temporary living accommodations moving from Seattle to DC and within a day helped me to identify the primary resource that I ended up choosing so that I had a place to live as soon as I arrived at the DC airport and all under budget. I will recommend this service to anyone. - Matthew

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