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  1. Thank you so much for this website. This is the second time that I have found a roommate using your service. I moved out of the first place because the lease was up and I wanted to live somewhere else, not due to bad roommates. I think that your service narrows down what we're looking for very well such as the smoking/non-smoking, sexual orientation, pets, etc. This is an awesome site for those of us who need roommates. THANK YOU! - Danny

  2. Your service was key in helping me fill the room I had for rent. Without it, I'm sure I'd still be looking for a roommate. And best yet, it happened so quick! I needed someone in less than a week, and found a great new roommate in just a matter of days! Thank you!! Thank you!! - Dean

  3. I dreaded finding a roommate with a similar background and interests, but by looking through the pictures and communicating via email, I found the perfect roommate on the first day! Great service, thank you. - Kim

  4. Great service! so glad I invested the $20 for it, was soooo worth it. found a great guy as a roommate..thanks! - Stephanie

  5. Great site! Found a room in less than 2 weeks! Everyone should use this site and pay for the membership, it's really worth it if you're seriously looking for a place to live. - Rick

  6. I found my ideal roommate through I can't even beleive I just wrote that, but it's true. Thanks for your service. - Lou

  7. Thank you!!! I found a roommate in record time using your service. I would recommend this site to anyone looking for a roommate. Thanks again. - Tabitha

  8. I have enjoyed using your website. It was affordable and easy. The other sites were confusing to use and more expensive, up to $70.00 to place an ad. If I need a roomate again, I will use your site and pass along my experience to others. - Kat

  9. Wow! Thanks! I found a roommate through your service and she's awesome! We were not able to meet each other in person before she moved in because she lived 3 states away. Everything went and is going perfectly! Couldn't ask for a better roomie and our cats have made new friends with each other too! Thanks! - Wendy

  10. I found very very effective, and very satisfied with your service. I was able to make several very attractive contacts and visits through your site, among which I would have easily chosen one also. I would not hesitate to use your service again in the future. In fact, I have introduced several of my friends, and they have registered with you. Thanks. - David

  11. Thank You for having this service available! This has been a quick, safe, and helpful way to find a roommate. I will definately use this service in the furture! Thanks again! - Jasmine

  12. I am VERY happy with I found a great place to live with GREAT roommates in Newtom MA in June, and now, we were looking to fill a room. We found someone through this service! The 20$ was worth it!! - Dena

  13. I just like to say for all those who have doubts, so did I and although I did not think my roommates were going to come from this website they did and I am very happy and shocked. For a minimal price you can find the perfect roommates. Thank you, - Monica

  14. Simply Awesome! I will be using this website again in the future...I had so many hits I had to start doing a screening on who would be the better roommate. Thanks again! - Red

  15. Thank you I created an account on 6 roommate finder websites and yours was by far the best. I received emails from a number of potential roommates on your site and finally found one that was a good match. Thank you again. - Melissa

  16. I would just like to say "THANK YOU" for your service. We found a room in just a couple of days. My husband works out of town and the motel rooms were killing us. Now he shares a nice home with a gentleman just a couple of miles from his job. Thank you once again.... - Mrs. Bruce

  17. I just wanted to say that your service is simply wonderful and very beneficial for those looking to rent out a home or place and for those looking to rent. The best feature of your site is probably the amount of options available due to the amount of people registered and the notifications one receives via e-mail makes it very convinent especially with hectic working schedules. I found a suitable place to rent within a short amount of time which was important to me as my current residence was up for sale on the market with a great couple who posted their ad on which I probably would not have found had I not used your service. Keep up the great job! - SK

  18. I just wanted to write to say you have an awesome service. I listed myself today and was called back today by an amazing guy. We talked for hours and Im sure we will be great friends. I just wanted everyone to know your service is real and really works.I dont think I could have found a better roomate. Thanks so much! Always, - Cherish

  19. BEST SITE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Filled 3 vacencies in 30 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, I was going broke advertising in the newspaper. - Lynn

  20. I found my new roommate the very first day and first time using this website. I had many inquiries and I found the greatest roommate in no time! Thank you so much! - Rachel

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