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  1. Thank you so much--- The guy who moved in--his ex-wife (whom I just met) is from my hometown--we are in Texas and this town is <10,000 in Ohio!!  What are the chances?  We went to high school together.  So I not only got a roommate but also a renewed acquaintance with a classmate...     - Kathleen

  2. Thank you so much. You're matches were right on. I signed up on a Thursday and by Friday morning I had a roommate. Thanks again. - Sara

  3. I very much enjoyed using your service! I would recommend you to anyone I know searching for a roommate! very professional, easy to use and a great deal of potential leads! I appreciate your service and the ease of use! thank you very much - Craig

  4. Loved the service.  Thought is was just another roommate search site that took your money and never gave back results.  Within 1 week of signing up, looking for a place to rent, I found a perfect location with perfect roommates.  Thank you, your the best. - Taichi31

  5. Extremely pleased with your service... met and continue to stay in contact with a few people... just wish could have had enough room for all of them!! if the need should arise.. i wouldn't hesitate to use again! thank you... - Nuyawka

  6. Thank you. I found an awesome situation, and it turns out we go to the same church and didn't know it. Your website is excellent and helped me so much. Thank you again. - Sharon

  7. This was truly the most useful site I have ever been a part of.  I had one month to find two roommates ,I was able to meet with several different potential roommates before choosing the ones I have.  A great tool for someone new to the area put in a tight spot.  Thanks again - Cameron

  8. I found a roommate on Day 1 of my membership. It was also, coincidentally, Day 1 of my new roommate's membership! Thank you! - Rachel

  9. was a saving grace for me.  I started a new job in a new city and didn't have time to search the internet for hours only to locate dead end apartment openings.  Thanks to this service I found a great roommate and a beautiful place to live in less than a week. - Melony

  10. I found a roommmate through your services, I'd like to thank you alot, for this was my only way to try to find a roommate, but in posting the Ad with this service I met an old friend, we started to bullshit and everything then we figured out that we had worked together before. Thank-you alot if it wasn't for your services I'd probably be out on the street right now.   - Brandon

  11. Thank you for your assistance in finding a roommate. Unfortunately, I could only pick one place to live out of MANY GREAT prospects that I had the chance to meet and talk to through I had a great experience. I will definately tell everyone I come across that is moving about the service you provide. Very Satisfied... - Chad

  12. I had a great experience with this website. I had a roommate within 3 days and it ended up being someone I graduated high school with and haven't seen in 5 years! I would recommend this to anyone.. - chris

  13. Wow, is all I can say: I was in a tight bind and you guys bailed me out in less than three days before the first of the month! I'll be using Canada in the future, and that's a promise! If anybody wants to use that as a testimonial, feel free to do so....I mean it. - Dusten

  14. You guys are great.  Not only did I find my new place through you, I was able to pick and choose where, when, how much and what perks I wanted.  I was given a place to look for rooms and I had people contacting me.  It was a great experience and made finding a new home much more comfortable and stress-free.  Will suggest your service to friends. Sincerely, Mark

  15. Never new finding a roommate could be right at my fingertips...your site is amazing! It's like lavalife for roommates! Thanks for making what can be a very time consuming task, a million times easier! - Mel

  16. Thank you for such a wonderful site I have found two great flat mates to join our home. I am very please to say everything is great and I hope not to have to use your site for a long time.  I will however recommend it to anyone looking . I have tried many different sites and methods and have had nothing but disasters.Until you! Thanks for helping me find such great people!!!!!!! - nichole

  17. Thank you so much for your service.  I was in desperate need of moving out of my apartment. Thanks to, I found 5 great new roomies! Thanks! - Erin

  18. Great service!!  The price is right, and the profiles are very extensive and informative.  Thanks a lot!! - Beth

  19. Thanks . Its an amazing site! I found a really good house and great roomates with this site I hope it will help many like me moving to new places to find a better place to live! - Vijay

  20. The best experience I have experienced in a long time.  The information was real and to date.  I really enjoyed the 3 day trail period offer and I was able to find my living arrangements within a week or so.  Thanks - Sharice

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