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  1. I found a great, inexpensive apartment with wonderful roommates!  After looking at scores of apartments in the DC area, the one I found on was by far the best.  Thanks! - Pam

  2. great application you have here... the usability, design, features and performance are all great - Very well thought of and implemented. I used this service to find a roommate and has been a good experience. - Asad

  3. Thanks to I connected with an old friend from high school and I'm now moving into the extra room in her apartment!  I never would have known about this place if it weren't for so Thank you!! - Jen

  4. My new roommate is great!!!! I found her through We suprisingly have so much in common and we are becoming such good friends. Thanks I owe you!!! I'm definatly going to suggest this to other people. It was so easy and simple not like the other roommate finders. Thx again - Hannah

  5. To whom it may concern:  I was able to find a roommate through your site. I must say I was very please with this service. I found it very easy and pain free to find a roommate. It took me less than 4 days to find someone. I have tried advertising in the newspapers, but I had no luck. Thank you for your service, and I will surely recommend this service to friends. - Bill

  6. I found a perfect room with a chill guy who's quieter and that's EXACTLY what I was looking for. I was able to put in all my specifications, so that worked out really nice. Thanks a lot, next time I'm looking for a room I'll be back! - Ammon

  7. You're service has been excellent, I absolutely love your site. It has definately helped me in my search and saved time in what can be a very time consuming!! I will definately come back and join the next time I'm in need of a room/roomate... - Mel

  8. I have found the PERFECT roommate! We have so much in common, I can't wait til we actually live together. =) - Andrea

  9. I am so happy that I found a new roommate! This is the second one I've found through the site. :) - Susie

  10. Wow. This is so great! I found a place with the most wonderful roommate! It's beyond my wildest imaginations, and I can bring my dog and two cats! The classifieds just weren't doing the trip, especially since I found my roommate while I was overseas! This is amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will recommend you to everyone I know! - Rebecca

  11. Love this site because it the format makes it easy to use. I also like the 3 day membership because no other site offered a short term membership so I never joined theirs. I found some great roommates through your website. Keep up the good work. - Soo

  12. I found 2 great roommates through this service, much better than all the waisted money I spent on the newspaper. Will use you again when I need another roommate, hopefully not for a long time. Thanks again - Robbie

  13. I just moved in with a roommate I found on She's awesome and I'm thrilled that the response was so quick. I have been recommending this website ever since and think that its a tremendous resource to many.I had heard horror stories about roommates found online before and was rather weary about the entire process at first but I'm glad I did register on Thanks a million! You guys saved my time and money. Keep up the good work! - Muriel

  14. I have to say that I wasn't a believer of such services as However, because of the 3 day option being only $5.99, I figured I didn't have much to lose. I am truely AMAZED!!! I found the perfect roommate. She and I have so much in common...and, it's in a house...not an apartment...and, it's much cheaper than living on my own. From now on I can honestly say I will turn to Thanks so much!!! - Katherine

  15. It was a great idea and a great match. Thank you so much for having this service available, the news paper had me much too nervous to chance without some public screening like you have. I will reoccommend you to everyone!!!! - Robyn

  16. Thanks so much! This service has worked out for me twice now! Once as "looking for a room" and second as "renting out a room". - Leigh Ann

  17. Your site is less expensive, more user friendly and provided more potential matches than another service I tried. I found a good place with a nice roommate at a price I could afford within a week of signing up. I would definitely use your service again without hesitation if I needed to relocate and would enthusiastically recommend it to anyone searching for a roommate. :) Thanks! - Kitty

  18. Good Service. I used to match plus system and got a good deal on an apartment with a girl who had also justed moved to Denver. The key to my choice to use this site over other similar ones was the fact that you offer a trial special. Keep it up!!! - Mark

  19. this service is unbelievable... emails, updates, matches and more i found a roommate in less than a week on here, THANKS! - Douglas

  20. is great! I love the Power Search Engine. It's great that we can email the people. I posted a room for rent two weeks ago. I got a lot of responses. I narrowed down to two candidates. It was a hard decision because they both have the qualities in a roommate that I am looking for. In two, weeks I rented out the room. Thanks! I will definitely refer to my friends. - Jewey

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