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  1. The process was very easy.  Within 2 days of posting my ad I found my new roommate.  I recommend this site to anyone in need of finding a roommate.  The aspect of the site I liked most was the fact that I was able to also search for a roommate who was looking for a place as well.  They made it more comfortable to find a place together, rather than feel like a stranger in someone else's home. - Warren

  2. I was hesitant about advertising online and using a service such as this but it has proven to be very resoureful. I have recommended this service to several people and if I'm looking for a housemate again, I will certainly register again for your service. When I first signed up I thought - I'm a nice person and I am using this service so there are bound to be other nice people on this service as well - that is what I found. Thank you. - Diane

  3. Thanks! As always, a very valuable service. I am certain I found a great person for the second time in a row. - Wilfredo

  4. Wow! I just happened to try my luck and type in without even knowing about your site. I placed an ad on the 30th and received immediate responses! The way you have your site set up, its great. I seems that I have a lot in common with the person I rented out to. Thanks a million Roommates! A recommendation will surely go out to my fellow servicemembers. - Ian

  5. What a fantastic experience I've had with your service!  My dog and I found the perfect living situation with another member.  Thanks so much. - Donna

  6. I met a lot of nice potential roomates.  I set up times to meet them when I went to visit the place I am relocating.  I found one girl that is really nice and will make a great roomate.  We are got an apartment together and I am so excited.  This site was better than the others that I used.  I would recommend it to others.  Thanks! - Tara

  7. I just moved to the area and was a lifesaver!  I was able to find an apartment with a short-term lease and a roommate.  Now I can take the time to really figure out where I want to live in the area, and you can be sure I'll use when I do! - Amy

  8. Thank you so much for this awesome service.  I just met my new roommates this weekend and I love them.  I don't normally take such big risks but I am so glad that I did.  My experience in a new town will be much better thanks to this site. - Dana

  9. Thanks a lot! Your service saved us from having to move out of our gorgeous townhome. We found 2 roommates in less than a week! - Mike

  10. Once again I have used your services 3 times and have been extremely satisfied with the results.  A+ - Ken

  11. Thank you for your fast, cheap and efficient service. It help me save a lot of time and energy. I'll definitely recommend this service to anyone and will myself use it next time I'm looking for a room. - Jean

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed this service!!  I do not know what I would have done w/o this great site.  I am now living with two great roommates.  This is the second time I have utilized this site and will extend my recommendations to anyone interested. THANK YOU again and again!! - Nicole

  13. I found a roommate through  A friend of mine knew I was looking to move and that I wanted to find a roommate, and suggested your site.  I had never heard of it.  I checked it out and was delighted.  I'm moving in later this month with a guy whom I have a lot in common with, in a gorgeous, spacious apartment in a great neighborhood! I really have no complaints.  I'm not sure how to tell you guys how you feel without sounding like one of those gushy, over-exuberant commercials, but that's the size of it.  This is a great site, and I'm recommending it to anyone I know who's interested in moving. Sincerely, - Kurt

  14. i found it impossible to put an ad in the paper and find a roommate that was... how do you put it... normal.. but thank you to the people at i found a roommate within a week and it's great... thanks!! - Lisa

  15. I have always been able to find a great match through your service. This experience was no exception. Thank you for providing a great place to match my available room with great potential roommates. - Jennifer

  16. The service was great, resonably priced, definitly cheaper then placing an ad in the paper. It also offered a secure environment to meet and interact with people. - Holly

  17. Excellent site!!  It's not an easy thing to find a stranger to live with, but you can really screen potential renters with  I ended up having to choose between 3 great individuals that would all make perfect roommates.  I will recommend and use your web site again in the future!  Thanks again... - Elly

  18. Great service!  I have been looking through other channels for 9 months, went on and had a roommate in less than 2 weeks...Thank you... - Stephen

  19. It was definitely worth the money. I'm a tightwad, but I broke down and paid the membership. I was paying $600/mo extra rent on my own while looking for a roommate, and spending countless hours searching the web for prospects. I found someone within a week or so on Thank You. - Lydia

  20. My new roomate contacted me and my sister, we all met up, and seems like the search is over. Thanks alot! I think the comments are what really makes this work, those that are serious can pay, view the comments, and find the roommate that is right for them. That personal touch makes the search sooo much easier. - Jonathan

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