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  1. Love!  We found a great roommate who's friendly and fun and responsible and we love hanging out with him.  (He even puts up with our monthly Salsa parties!) - Victoria

  2. This service saved my career. Thank You So much! - Nat

  3. This was a really great process for finding all the matching rooms that were available. I tried some traditional methods -- and this was far superior. Thanks again... - Steve

  4. Thanks.  I found two roommates through  I put an ad in the local newspaper and got no calls on it.  I thought I'd never find to people to share my house, but your website made it easy.  When these people move out, you can guarantee that I'll be back looking for more. - Tracy

  5. Thank you for providing this great service.  Unlike a newspaper ad, of which I ran several, costing me a few hundred dollars, allowed me to put in a detailed profile about me and my house and the other roommate.  The newspaper ads were really hit and miss, and actually, they all missed and I wasted my time and money on them.  My new roommate is great and has fit in with the house wonderfully. - Brad

  6. I found the most perfect living situation that I could have wished for. I am pleased with the ease and confidentiality that your service provides. The detailed and accurate listings afford me the choice and convenience that is great when looking for a new location to live. I've used your service before and both times have found plenty of listings to choose from that would suit me perfectly.  If I am ever in need of a room or a tenant, I will use without hesitation. Sincerely, - Anne

  7. So far so good !!   I found a roommates through, and so far it looks like everything is going to work out just fine. I moved in Oct 1st, and after several meetings and questions from both or our parts- we decided to give it a go. Good luck to all of you, and thank you for helping me find a place to live! - Fred

  8. I was able to rent out both of my rooms.  Thanks for a great service, this beats the news papers.  Again thanks. - Joseph

  9. I really like your site... I would like to compliment you on the great job with your site. One of the things I really like is how current you keep the information. For example, the fact that we're able to know when was the last time somebody was online... Anyway, congratulations on the great job. If I ever need to find a roommate again, will be my first choice! - Sandra

  10. Thanks to this website I found a place to live!!  It was super easy and I had a good time with the people who contacted me!  I would recommend this website to any of my friends. - Jennifer

  11. This service is great ! Coming from France I was looking for roommates in San Francisco. This might sound as a not easy task but made it become easy. Within weeks, I had found perfect roomates with who I am having a great time today. Thank you very much !!! - Antoine

  12. It was great. I saved a bunch of money over getting a 1 bedroom flat. - Rob

  13. I noticed this service introduced my rental to those out-of-state. I had a few calls from east coast ppl who were relocating. This must be a handy service for those types that are relocating. Mine is coming in from Tenn. at the end of month. Thanks - Sher

  14. Thanks so much! Found the perfect roommate in a beautiful apartment! - Alanna

  15. Pretty cool little deal you got goin' here, Mr.! I found a place and a good roommate. Thanks. All worked out well. Lots of options and a great search forum. I'm convinced. - Mathew

  16. It's a very good service. The profiles are extremely helpful. I found several potential matches right away and found a great roommate and place. Thanks. - Kevin

  17. I just wanted to say that this site has been a blessing in my life. I was skeptical at first, but I currently have two roommates who I found on this site and they have been a blessing. We are three completely different people, but we get along great. God Bless - Tina

  18. I'm very very grateful for this service and want to thank you for making it possible for so many people to find roommates. I was in a tough situation when my sister decided to move out on such a short notice. I didn't know how fast someone would respond to my ad, but I've had success in finding someone to help in sharing expenses in that short of time when I was really needing someone to move in really quick. Again thank you!!! If by chance I need a roommate again, I will use once again. - Roomie63

  19. I actually found all three roommates that I needed this past month through Thank you. - Jordan

  20. Thanks, I found a great place through your website. It was painless and easy. This site allowed me to do more than just "Leave a message after the beep".(Usually didn't generate a responce.) Great idea, Great site, Great roomates!! - Ken

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