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  1. Yes! I definately want to add a suggestion. I read them while I was trying to decide how I felt about listing personal information on a website, and then deciding whether or not to pay the fee. It was an excellent service! An absolute bargain! I had a roommate within a week, and I almost can't believe how easy it was! This is a great way to move! Thank you! - shara

  2. You are awesome as always --anytime i need a great roommate i know i can rely on your service to come through for me - Neil

  3. THIS WAS AWSOME! couple days, and bam, I got a room mate. Thanks I never would have taken the risk to move had it not been for you. Pittsburgh PA. to Ft. Lauderdale Florida. - Josh

  4. Thanks! It was a bit like finding a needle in a haystack, but out of a few people, finally got someone who seriously considered my place. Lord-knows how long it would have taken me to find someone through other means. Money well-spent, thanks again! - John

  5. Great service! I found a perfect match in the neighborhood I was wanting to live. I will recommend your service without reservation! Thanks! - Kyle

  6. I've used other roommate finder services before the past few years...all of them took my an average of 3 weeks to find a roommate. got me a great place and a great roommate in just over a week and a half! And I didn't have to pay a hefty fee even! I would recommend this to anybody. Thank you for making my life easier. - Lois

  7. This site ROCKS!!! I found a great match in less than a week. I learnt about you through a friend who was equally impressed with your services. thanks for existing! - Claire

  8. This is an awesome service and will use it again in the future. Don't change anything, its perfect as is.Its also fast and not once did I have trouble logging on. - Buzz

  9. The greatest site ever!!! I found my roommate within 2 days of posting the ad!!! MUCH better results than using a news paper. My roommate's great! Wouldn't trade him for the world! Thanks, - Lydia

  10. has been a useful resource. Using your service allowed me to find my current living situation with people who are compatable. I guess I had a 50/50 chance with them anyway, but the profiling at helped give us an idea of what we could look forward to as far as personalities, cleanliness, and lifestyles. Thank you. - Jenn

  11. I have always been sooo impressed with your service. I will reccommend it wholeheartedly to anyone looking for your services. - Katie

  12. Or should I say THEY found me! Hooray! ROCKS! It took some time and I read a lot of profiles and then I got an unexpected e-mail! I would certainly use again! - Tiffany

  13. I used this to help a friend and have now referred him to your website. I did this just to test how it worked. Seems like an incredible site to benefit those in need of roommates. Love the emoticons, too. Good luck! I used to work with and I have to tell you that this site is far more user-friendly than any other site I've ever used. - Christopher

  14. This site is amazing! about 15 minutes after I set up my profile for a roommate, I got calls non stop all day everyday until we found someone perfect! I'm so glad there are places like this for me to go to or my roommates and i would still be stuck! thanks so much! - Kristin

  15. Hooray, I wanted the impossible: $400 rent,furnished with a dog in the house,& high speed internet.You made finding this not only possible, but easy! This service rocks. P.S. I've used it before, and the first time, I called my friend to recommend it to her, but she had just used it and she recommended it to me before I could vice versa! You'll be highly recommended! - Matt

  16. I really appreciated your service. I probably wouldn't have found a roommate without your service. To place a classified ad in my location costs $17/day or $26 for the weekend. Thank you. - Melissa

  17. Just a quick note...this was absolutely the best and easiest way to find a roommate...I was online for an hour and contacted by several potential roommates...I was able to find a new place to live and wonderful roommate within the first 24 hours of placing my ad.. Thank you for taking away all the stress in a very stressful situation. - Anastacia

  18. Thanks so much for helping me find a roommate, it was easy and inexpensive. I put an ad in the paper and it was 30$ for 1 insertion, needless to say I didn't get one response. One of my friends suggested this site shortly after and I found a room mate within a week! The next time i need another room mate this is the only place I will be coming to, guaranteed! - Katheryn

  19. Found a roommate in all of ten days! She found me in all of a hour...kinda cool. - Diana

  20. Thank you very much for your service; when I thought I could not find another roommate, came to the rescue. I have now found two great roommates though your service. Thanks again. - Celene

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