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  1. Dear - Just want to say thanks for setting up this awesome website...It was so easy to find someone, and I think I have found someone totally compatible with me...I am so excited for my new living situation! This is a great resource, fairly priced, and safe...Thanks again. - Nina

  2. Thank you very much for helping me find a roommate. There is not a thing that i can say that i dislike about I have found lots of roommates using this service. It is the best and i will allways come back to this one. - kat

  3. Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you!!!! I found a perfect place with a great roommate. I had just ended a relationship and needed a place quick. I logged onto your website and found a great new place within 24 hrs. Thanks again and I wish your company all the best in the future! - David

  4. Thank you very much, I found an excellent place to live, with two very amazing people. I never would have thought that a internet service would be so useful. I would normally be very nervous with meeting people over the internet, but i'm glad that I did. Thanks again - Nonie

  5. Through MatchPlus, I found a roommate, and we now have an apartment. Thanks! - Katcie

  6. worked out great I now have 2 awesome roommates and live in a BRAND NEW appartment complex with the best view over Salt Lake City, thank you for your website, without it I would have never gotten to live out my dream of moving to Utah, the State with the best snow on EARTH! thank you again! - Britton

  7. has been a blessing. On August 29th I decided to give your site a try out of pure desperation and by August 31st I had found the perfect roommate. With the Power Search feature I was able to find someone who shares similiar interest and hobbies, not just someone i'd have to make drastic compromises for just to get along with. On Sept 8th I moved in with my new roommate.....I NEVER would have found a better roommate at any other place than here I just can't find the words to say enough how pleased I am. Thank you so incredibly much, - Gary

  8. Before hearing about I had spent over $150 on newspaper and local magazine ads, with little response. Within a week on I had found several potential matches...and one of them signed the lease yesterday! A great service at a great price...thanks so much! - Lisa

  9. Thank you for your service. I actually found a room for rent within the first couple of days using your service, but kept my account open for curiosity till my move-in time at my new place. I received a lot of responses that were great matches for exactly what I was looking for, and the $20 was nothing considering the time and energy saved in the way I usually look for a place. Thanks again. I will be reusing your service in the future if needed and have already referred one friend to your service. - Daniel

  10. Thanks for your help - this is a fantastic service! I found a roommate across 2 time zones, in just a few days! - Mark

  11. I found a great roomate, we have a lot in common. It happened last minute. Thank you for having this service. I would have not made it without you. - Mark

  12. represents an incredible value. With "Power Search" and "My Matches," I could focus my energy on the best potential matches. I didn't waste any time or effort on anyone who would be unsuitable. - Elliott

  13. Worked nice and easily. Honestly, I was surprised. Pleasantly so. - Jay

  14. Two words. Great site. I found a roommate through your site in two weeks. Great interface, profile information. etc. All are well set up. Good jobs folks ! I love useful websites like yours. - RevNewman

  15. Thank you so much for your help in finding a roommate! I was getting so desperate to find someone before school started, and thanks to your service, I was able to find someone who fit my situation perfectly! At first I was a bit skeptical about using an online service, especially because of the cost, but it was actually cheaper than putting ads in the paper, and it worked! Thanks again! - Jess

  16. I had to do alot of picking and choosing and pros and cons for this choice. I have a small child, and can't be too picky. I found a nice young couple that are moving in just a few days after I found this wonderful service. I am so glad I found them and this service. Thank you! You have really helped me through hard times. If you ever need anything please let me know, I will bake you a cake!!!!! Sincerely, - Megan

  17. This was a great service. Thank you soooo much. I'm excited about the move and never would have been this successful had I not had your constant support through it all. thank you so much. i'll continue to recommend you to all of my friends who are in need a place to live. A+++ - April

  18. Thanks a lot, I love your service...I found someone for my old apartment as well as the coolest roommate ever for my new apartment!!! You guys are awesome and I love the 3 day membership!!! - Sandra

  19. Great service! Well maintained, and easy to navigate. A very functional website. Thank you. - Jeffrey

  20. Your service was absolutely wonderful. I was hesitant at first to post my information. But after seeing how well put together your site was, I took a leap of faith and posted my profile. Luckily for me (but unluckily for him as he's getting seperated), a dear friend of mine needed a place to stay. Hence, the deactivation of my profile. Thank you to the webmasters and staff of - your site was a pleasure to deal with, easy to learn, and a breath of fresh air (for a while there I didn't know WHERE to search for a new housemate!!). I will most certainly reccomend your site to others. God Bless... Sincerely, - Mary

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