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  1. GREAT SERVICE Just what I needed : "FAST". Practical:I didn't leave the comfort of my place. Convenient:I paid online. And the range of coverage is vast,nation wide.... I NEEDED TO CONTACT THE STAFF AND THEY GOT BACK TO ME JUST IN A FEW HOURS:VERY DILIGENT. THANK YOU GUYS ,YOU'RE THE BEST....TRULY. - Chia

  2. Thank you for your search engine. I was living in Alaska and found a place to stay in California thanks to you guys. Your awesome!!!! - Cory

  3. Great site . . .excellent way to screen roommates. I found both my new roommates on the site, and found it to be much better than newspaper ads! - Jen

  4. Thank you so much! I found the perfect match. When I went to look at the home I found that the owner and I knew alot of the same people and even went to the same college! The house was perfect and only a few minutes from my business. I also found a love connection with my new roommate. It was the perfect match! We are both very happy! Thanks!!!! - Nichole

  5. We found an awesome roommate through this service! Very easy, money-saving (compared to a newspaper) way to find one. With a newspaper or other services you can't be specific, which wastes your money! - Meg

  6. Excellent deal. I found a roommate with a farmhouse right in the town where I work, only 10 minutes away! I'd been commuting 2 hours to work and about 2.5 hours home each day so this will certainly save on commuting time and maybe even give me my life back. The house is on several acres and is everything I could have wanted, pond, long drive and friendly housemates and dog! Thank you so much! A very good deal! - Richard

  7. I was in Europe when I started my search. Could not have done it without It was fast, efficient and does a great job of matching personalities & giving choices. - Shayla

  8. Best use of 20 bucks when moving! Got a great affordable place with some cool people. Took me less than a month! Seriously! If you gotta move, start here!! Thanks!!! - Jenna

  9. I found your service very valuable. I got lucky and happened to get a notification of a new roommate match, replied to the ad, and was on the phone setting up a meeting for that night -all within ONE HOUR of the ad being posted! i'd say a 45 minute turn-around for finding a roommate is pretty incredible. - Rick

  10. I found a roomate through .... I received a notification that I had a message, and although I was not a choice member, I was able to send him a message to contact me. I left him my phone number and email address, and he contacted me about the room he was renting out of his house on Long Island. He is one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and the place is great. Thank you, for giving this opportunity to me and the millions of others using your site. After viewing the room he is renting and his house, I did decide to take it. - James

  11. I just wanted to thank you for the service you provide. I have never bought anything on the internet yet alone search for a roommate, but after discovering your site I thought it couldn't hurt. provides important and extensive information and a way for you to talk and get to know the person before you move in. I found a roommate within a few weeks and we have become great friends. It's a great service and I recommend it to anyone who is looking and doesn't know where to turn! - amanda

  12. I found two really nice roommates through your site in no time at all! It was really easy to use and VERY reasonably priced. I had never done a roommate search, and was really wary of using the internet, but I felt safe with your site. I would definately recommend this service to anyone who is looking for a roommate! Thanks alot. - christi

  13. Thank you so much. I was in such a jam with my 2 best friends when they bailed out on me at the last minute. So frantically I went in search for help and you guys were perfect. I found three perfect roommates for me and we are all so excited and learning about each other and living together. This is AMAZING you are doing EVERYTHING right! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU - Ann

  14. I am Spanish and I did not know the existence of this kind of service to find a roomie, which was recommended me by a friend of mine. I have to show how impressed I am and how satisfied as well. The info is very complete and useful. My congratulations. - Cristina

  15. is so amazing. I found two roommates in a matter of 24 hours! Not only are they roommates, they are our best friends. Thank you so much for your service. I recommend this to anyone, anywhere, and you will find a roommate..Guaranteed! Thanks again... - Janelle

  16. I am very thrilled with this service. I paid for a 3-day service of $5.99 and immediately I was contacted my a member of this site. I signed up Sunday, talked on Monday, met on Wednesday, decided to take the available room Thursday and Saturday I am signing the lease! I am extremely thrilled with and give it high recommendations to those who are in search of a roommate. Respectfully, Catherine N. Deregla - Catherine

  17. I want to THANK YOU so much! My friends who were going to move in with me fell out at the last minute and I just happened to pass your site and I tried it for the first time and the results were amazing! I found 3 roomates and we all leased out and apartment and are becoming best friends. We are so excited and so thankful for your service. - Annie

  18. Thanks so much, this was a great service. I found a roommate quickly and with ease. I am starting my first year in college and was unable to get a dorm. I found a roommate through your service who was from the same area as me, going to the same school as I will be, and is the same age! It worked out perfectly and I will definetly recomend your service to people in need of a roommate. - Kyl

  19. Thanks for such a wonderful service. eliminates the stresses of searching by providing a simple and successful platform. We posted our information, and within three days we had the plans made for our new roomate to move in. Props to a job well done. - Nick

  20. Thanks, I found a roommate!! I've used for 3 years and I'm very pleased with this service. I have found many roommates who are now my dearest friends in life. Thank you so much - Maribel

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