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  1. Great service, feels good to know that I have a room waiting for me before my arrival to the US. Thanks - Emanuel

  2. Thanks guys!! I found two wonderful roommates and an even more incredible apartment with your help. Things I loved: pictures and the email notifications and the great low price in comparison to other websites.Thanks for the great experience and I can guarantee I will refer all my friends and have already and will definitely be back in the future if i need to find more roomies. Thanks again. - Nicole

  3. This is the best service I have ever used. Newspapers can't include enough information but your service enables the customers to find exactly what they're looking for. Also, your website is easily navigable and doesn't have a lot of fancy, flashy stuff. It's perfect. If I need it again, I'll use it. - Jack

  4. Great service. I see the same ad in the local newspaper Sunday after Sunday. Two days after I signed up with I received a response from a single mom like me and we met and within 2 weeks had the agreement finalized. I will definitely use your site when or if I ever need another roommate. Thanks! - Beth

  5. The service was great. I put two ads in the local paper and had virtually no responses. I'd still be paying double rent if it weren't for this site. Instead, I have found a great roomie. Thanks! - Diane

  6. I recently went through to locate a roomate for an out of state move. I put an honest and open description of myself and within hours I had several responses. I thought that the process would be slow, especially because I had a child that would be moving with me. What I found was dozens of other single moms looking for the same charecteristics as I was, and in the same situation. allows you to post information about yourself and what your looking for in a roomate making it an easy and honest process. - Jazmin

  7. Thanks a bunch!!! I was supposed to move in with a woman in August. Just a week ago she "regretted to inform me" that she would not be able to have me stay due to "family circumstances." Being from Boston this only gave me three weeks to find a place to live in Manhattan before school started. To say the least I was panicking. I updated my old profile from roommateservice and sent it in without expecting too much. I ended up talking to a potential roommate within an hour of setting up my profile. We met yesterday and I now have a place to live and two weeks to spare. You guys are lifesavers. Thanks so much and great job!! Sincerely, - Jamie

  8. Thought this site was excellent -- match worked very well, level of communication available at non-paying level good, prices quite reasonable. Found a great roommate, thanks for your help! - Jenny

  9. This is the third time that I have used your service. I cannot say enough about it. I have had 3 great roommates and three great apartments. Thanks again. - Bill

  10. I put an add up and within two days I had a dozen responses and within the week I filled my vacancy! Thanks so much - it was very easy. I would definately use the service again. - Jen

  11. GREAT SERVICE!!! I signed up and 5 hours later I had a match contact me. Two days later we were ROOMMATES!! As well, my phone could not hold all of the messages from prospective roommates. I couldn't keep up. I would suggest to all users to be honest and frank in their profiles. It's okay to be truthful and risk sounding like an OGRE...even Shrek found a match. - Elizabeth

  12. Dear, I found a girl from Begium that will be moving in. She sounds like a lovelly girl. Iam grateful for your service & will definitely tell more people about you as you fulfill a great need. Aloha-nui-nui(thank-you very much in Hawaiian) - Catherine

  13. Thanks so much! I have moved to this area temporarily and was planning on staying in a hotel for 4 months just because I didn't want to deal with the hassle of setting up a place. But with in less than a week with a minimum of time spent on my part, I found a great place fully furnished and ready for me to move in -- great roommate and even has a pool. No hassles! And saving over $1000 a month off hotel expenses! - Erin

  14. I mass mailed (all favorites) to about 30 people and I found someone the NEXT day! I even got a deposit the same day!!! Thanks!!!!! $3 was worth every penny, I love that 3 day membership. Tempe, AZ - Sandra

  15. This was by far the best website for searching for a roommate. It was very easy to use and very affordable. Out of all the other services, this was by far the easiest and best one. Thanks for assisting me with my roommate process. You made it much easier. - Angie

  16. Thanks for the awesome service. I've used you successfully twice and you've never let me down! - Justin

  17. You have been such a great asset to me. This is the first time I have moved out of "Home" and I did not know what to expect. Your service has made the whole process easy and safe. You have taken all the hard work and stress of finding good roomates and great locations. Thank you so much. I will most certainly use your services again if I ever need to. - Edyth

  18. It is amazingly difficult to find a good place in New York City on my budget. I have been looking for a place to share for the past 6 months and within 2 weeks of activating my profile with I found a TERRIFIC place and even better roommate! I couldn't be happier - Thank you so much!!! - Rachel

  19. Unbelievable! I heard of through a former user and to my surprise I yielded the same results within days. For a small fee this is by far the most easiest and most professional website. I highly recommend your site to anyone in search of a roomate. Thank you. - John

  20. For the second time in 3 years, I found the ideal match. It was certainly worth the money spent, and we had many individuals to search from. Thanks for the great service. - Kristina and Ali

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