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  1. was really helpful to me and the customer service was very friendly and willing to work with me! Thank you so much for all your help! - Florence

  2. The last two roommates we had, we found on It looks like our next roommie may come from here too. We are a family of 4. It is very hard to find someone that is willing to live with a family. The roommate service makes it a lot easier. Thanks for all your past, present and future help. - Aries

  3. Thank you so much for this service. I found the best situation for this point in my life. I am moving back to my hometown! Exactly where I want to be. There are still some really nice people out there. Give it a chance it works. - Robert

  4. Great service, Great price. Just rented two exceptional rooms to two serious students that I could not have found without the help of Thanks for your assistance. - Carla


  6. Thank you for making my cross-country move so much easier -- I was able to find a roommate in Toronto before even having left Victoria, 5000 km away. - Michelle

  7. This is fantastic. I met my two new roommates through, and we are all coming from completely different places. The apartment is great, and I think we're going to have an awesome time together. SOOO much easier than the classifieds or any other website with postings and the like. I'll strongly recommend this to ANYONE I know who is thinking of moving. THANK YOU!! - Ryan

  8. This helped me out a lot. I found many potential roommates through this service, and eventually the right one. This is the best service out there and I am glad it doesn't cost an arm and a leg either. Thanx. - Karen

  9. Thanks for a really great, easy to use, and comprehensive service. I was concerned that it would take me months and hundreds of dollars to find a roommate or place in New York City. With, I found someone and an apartment agreeable and right in Manhattan! - Alex

  10. Thanks so much! This service has been a great help and I've found a place to live on the other side of the country within a week. It saved me a LOT of stress, and avoided the hassle of flying to Toronto to look at places I could investigate over the internet instead. I'm very impressed, as I'm typically a very infrequent internet user. Karen - Karen

  11. Thank you SO much!! I originally signed up out of sheer curiosity and never would have predicted that I'd actually utilize such a service. In all honesty, your site is very professional and extremely easy to use. I especially enjoyed how it is geared towards matching people ...the right way. You have completely eliminated the possibility of ever getting stuck with a "bad roommate" based off of the profile criteria and the ability to pick WHAT you want, rather than WHO. I don't know's initial business goals, but I feel they must have undoubtedly been accomplished. I applaud your services, and wish you the best of luck! With, I couldn't have found a better match! You have changed my life, and for this I thank you. - MIke

  12. I have found two wonderful roomates through this service. I thought I was out of luck in the roommate game, but came shinning through, not just once, but twice! Now, I recommend the service to everyone I know. It was definitely worth a few bucks to be able to find my perfect match! I really like the new service that offers. Thanks. - Amber

  13. I reactivated my ad a few days before buying Choice membership. On the first day of the membership, there was already a response in my inbox and I sent out 6 responses to other ads. The next day I had chosen a new roommate and spoke to a second one. By the third day I had both rooms filled! I was extremely impressed. - Mandy

  14. Man, finding a good roommate could not have been easier.  It took only a couple days to find a good room in a good location with some good people. - Dave

  15. is the best referral service of its kind that I have ever used. It was quick and easy and extremely helpful. It was a lifesaver for me. I found the perfect place and I am very happy. I don't think I could've found it any other way. I don't know how people found roommates before!! Thank you, - Tracy

  16. Of all the Roommate services out there. is the easiest to use, offers the best features, and asks all the right questions for a potential roommate. It is the only one I have found that is completely worth subscribing to. I never would have found my new apartment without this site. Thanks! - Sharon

  17. Thanks to I have found a roommate in less than two weeks and it was much easier and cheaper than the local paper. For I had an ad in the paer and only got three responses for a $40 ad. Again Thanks for providing this awesome service. - Shawn

  18. Great service...I would recommend this service to anyone who needs a roommate quickly. Customer service is excellent and account maintenance is easy as 1-2-3. Thanks for a great hook-up! - Eric

  19. wow! is a super great way to find a roommate. I found a good roommate! a good one! wow! it was really a good idea! I can't believe my eyes! I can't believe it! wow! hey! wow! - Chris

  20. Thank you for this forum... without your service I'd be living in a cardboard box under an overpass. :-) boy, am I ever happy that I found your site! - Melvin

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