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121. Successfully found a roommate within an hour of signing up! This is my 2nd roommate I have found through roommates.com, and have been so happy with both :) Thank you so much!
- Lyndsey
122. This is a great site and you made the whole roommate search a painless, non-scary and easy process! I found one on the first match! Thank you
- Anzu
123. This is the second time I have used Roommates.com and both times I have successfully found roommates and moved in with them! This site allowed me to find great roommates and nice, affordable living spaces. I really appreciate the service you offer!!
- Jessica
124. Once again, roommates.com proved to be the best service in matching roommates with people with rooms available. My first roommate, whom I met through the service, has been here over a year and is a complete joy to have in the household. I'm hoping this second roommate will provide a similar experience. Roommates.com is professional, reliable, and highly effective. Thank you!
- Doug
125. This service was great!! I found exactly what I needed and so far the situation is working out. I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive at first, but this really is a safe, responsible way to find a roommate. Thanks!!
- Angela
126. It took me about 3 days to find the perfect place for me! I had to find a place fast. This website helped me. After I found a room. I still had people call me and ask me if I was still looking. Thank-you roomate.com
- Danyle
127. Love this site! I have found 2 great roommates here. Will be back if I ever need another one. By the way, it's the best and easiest roommate site out there. Believe me, I've tried the others. Thanks!
- Kathy
128. Your service has been invaluable, thank you for helping me find a wonderful roommate.
- Daniel
129. fourth time i've gotten roommates through roommates.com, great site i love it. i've never needed more than 30 day membership, and have used it four times already.
- Tim
130. Thank you for the opportunity.....again!! I like your site very much. If I need to move again I will be back to reactivate! I recommend this site to everyone! Thanks again!
- Jeffrey