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11. I can't believe how much this site changed our lives! I had been searching for a place closer to work for months and I stumbled upon roommates.com. I ended up seeing an ad for Sam's listing for a room mate. She looked like a typical friend of mine would; young, accomplished, fun. We met and I checked out the place she had available; we instantly got along. We went for it and I moved in (just 8 minutes from my job) and we have become such great friends! We have been checking off our bucket lists together! We're taking a trip together to Ireland in March and could not be more excited! We wanted to thank you for helping us find each other. We are so grateful for a friendship that never would have transpired without roommates.com. We hope we can represent you in the future!
- Sam
12. I recommend that everyone upgrade - I did and it gave me over fifty people that needed a room. I think I made a good choice - and here's a tip! He was the only one who actually wrote to me. He is a builder by trade and is already fixing things around the house. He is clean and easy going and even took me to the grocery store the other day (I don't drive). I looked at other roommate services and this is the only one that's the real deal. I will always come here first if I need another roommate (fingers crossed I won't!). But Jessica is a sweetheart, advising me to be patient, and she was right. If not for this site I might have lost my home. Thank You!
- Dennine
13. I thought your website was extremely helpful. I was looking for a room to rent and it only took me a week using your "My Matches" feature to find several possibilities from which I was able to find one. This may have been faster than normal but I think my search may have dragged on only another week or so if I hadn't been so lucky. Thumbs up to you. Bernie
- Bernie
14. Had more than 6 leads within one week of placing my ad. Your website is truly worthy of special recognition. Keep doing what your doing. I will definitely use your site again if I would ever need to. Less expensive than Craig's List. Like your ideal matching questionnaire format.
- Manny
15. This is the second time I have used this site and I have had very good results from it. I would recommend to anyone that is looking for a roommate.
- Lorie
16. This is the first time I have used Roommates.com. Your profile matching works very well! I found a lady renting a room that looked just right for me, and saved it to my favorites. Before I had a chance to contact her, she contacted me because I looked like the kind of person she wanted to rent to! I would definitely use your service again, and I will recommend it to my friends!
- Georgene
17. I recently joined roommates.com, not knowing what to think, and not thinking I would have good results. I tried another website looking for a roommate but the website ended up being questionable. It wasn't until I joined roommates.com that I had a good experience. I found a roommate quickly. The process was very easy and whenever I had a question, Jessica from roommates.com was quick to respond and helped me in user friendly language. As I said I found a potential roommate who stopped by to look at my home and a few days later I had a new roommate. My roommate is honest, quiet, kind, clean and a great match for my personality. If it wasn't for roommates.com I would have never found a great roommate. I would recommend rommates.com to everyone I know. Thank you again for your great website. Best regards
- Antoinette
18. I am thrilled that the two times I did find roommates in the past two years was via Roommates.com.
- Marlene
19. Found a roommate pretty quickly. We met and got along great, lots in common. We finally decided to both move into a new place that was more central to both of our interests. Found a great rent, we mesh well and we are settling nicely. Thank you, Roommates.com
- Joyce
20. I didn't just find a roommate on Roommates.com, I found a great friend! #BestSitePeriod!
- TJ