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41. Roommates.com is a wonderful site. I found two great candidates within a week, and recommend the service highly.
- Mary
42. I was able to find a suitable roommate in under a week of posting. I have used roommates.com on 3 different occasions in 3 different cities with great results. Thank you for creating a very reliable site.
- CJ
43. After searching for nearly 6 weeks, I finally tried out Roommates.com by signing up for a (few) 3 Day Memberships. With success I found the perfect roommate! I won't be moved in for another week but we are already becoming the best of friends.
- Mark
44. Simple. Quick. Effective. Thanks, Roommates.com :)
- Marie
45. I always use Roommates.com! This is the second roommate I've found and I much prefer this over things like craigslist!
- Giando
46. I've found a roommate very quickly and appreciate your website. It's of great benefit and I feel it's safe. Thanks for making it available for those of us that need to share our home with someone and prefer they be professional and not off of a published list if you know what I mean!!!
- Jeanette
47. Your service was terrific! Thanks for the follow up as I will use you again and recommend others too!
- David
48. I think roommates is an excellent site that I feel accurately displays personality types which are key and matching up roommates. I was able to find an excellent roommate on this site and they are currently moving into the second year of our lease:). Thank you Julie
- Julie
49. Once again I found a roommate in just days. Love it!! Thanks roommates.com!!
- John
50. I have been using this service for years. It's easy to use, protects my privacy, and I have been successful in finding housemates time and time again. Thanks for being there and for being such a reliable service. Rosanne
- Rosanne