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61. I have found a roommate through the website. This is the second roommate I have found through roommmates.com. I have been very satisfied with your service.
- Linda
62. Awesome service! Easy to filter through the deals and the personalities that don't work for you. I found a great living situation very close to work. I would definitely use it again.
- Robert
63. To whom it may concern: We wanted to thank Roommates.com profusely. My husband and I became roommates last year mid-April. Neither one of us was looking for anything else but a roommate; however, we just got married June 3rd of this year. During our wedding video I even gave you guys a 'plug.' I just went on to the site because we are looking for a roommate and noticed yet another member met her husband using this website also. Who would have thought that after all of the years on the dating websites I would meet my husband here?! Thanks so much.
- Heidi
64. I found a great roommate through roommates.com. I am so excited and cannot wait to move in with this lovely woman who is very much like me. I know we will get along extremely well. When one door closes, another one opens. Praise Jesus!!
- Linda
65. I paired up someone very quickly thanks to your site! I will certainly suggest this site to any friends that are looking for a new roommate :)
- Heather
66. Thank you. I found a great roommate through this website and couldn't be more thankful. Should I ever be in need of such service again, this will be the place to come. I have already referred this website to many other friends.
- Heather
67. Thank you Roommates.com! I found my roommate and it worked out great :))
- Marcia
68. I found my roommate after searching for 3 days. Thanks so much!
- Brittany
69. Thank you Roommate.com, been using your service since 2001 and I love it. Found good roommates on here and in the future, I will keep using you guys!
- Elisha
70. Absolutely awesome! I use you every time I move! This will make the 4th time in 5 years and you have never failed me!
- Taylor