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2,503 testimonials... and counting.

71. This is a useful web site to help people get together and share cost during this difficult time. Thank you
- Neal
72. Thank you so much and I think you have an awesome website. I will recommend it to others, and use the services if need a roommate in the future.
- Antonio
73. This is my 2nd time using this service and I love it. This time around it did take some time to find someone but I understand people dont have money to move. Love this service.
- Lilia
74. Thank you! Roommates.com has helped me find 3 or 4 roommates now. I will definitely be using the service in the future to find roommates if I need.
- David
75. This Website is great I am very pleased with the results!!! I will recommend this site and use again in the future.
- Jennifer
76. I appreciate the way your service is set up. I found exactly what I was looking for in a roommate in less than two weeks. I'd listed on another popular site for two months prior and I mostly got scam responses. Thanks for providing your service free for all. Thanks for the alerts, too.
- Julie
77. I can't think of anything you need to improve upon. It was pretty straight forward. I had multiple people contact me regarding the living space available, I talked to a few over the phone and responded to the rest via email. If I ever need to find a room mate in the future I will use the service again. I will recommend the service to a friend. Thanks.
- Beth
78. Thanks for this website, it really changed my life, I have found a great roommate through roommates.com
- Tim
79. This is a great service. Thanks so much!!!
- Jon
80. This website was great! I was in a time crunch and found someone right away. Thank you so much! :)
- Symone