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This site is beautiful.. found a roommate in less than two days.. I only had three weeks to move from boston to Virginia.. BRAVO ROOMMATES.COM!!!
- Varflay
Thanks for providing a great service. Your site was the most useful resource I encountered because of the room mail feature. Being able to make preliminary, semi-anonymous contacts with prospective roommates not only speeds the process of finding a roommate, but also allows for more selectivity in choosing someone who will work well with one's circumstances. -Alexandra
- Anonymous
Thanks, I found a roommate only a couple of days after signing up that suits my tastes perfectly. The service and results I got were very efficient and satisfying.
- Pallas
Hi, just wanted to thank you for the service you provided I found a roommate within 1 week of my posting. Things are great and I just can't get over how easy it was. Thanks again.
- Sean
I was absolutely astonished at how useful your service was. I have not only found a wonderful roommate, but have met several great new people as well. The search functionality of your site made it so easy to find "the right" kind of people - a major leap over digging through newspaper ads. Thank you for making a potentially stressful experience easy & fruitful.
- Danvers
The site was great, and I found it right when I thought I'd never be able to find a roommate. Roommates.com allowed me to find people who had similar tastes and sensibilities. I've not only found a roommate, I've also found a friend! Kristin Pfeifer
- Poseidon
I really enjoyed using your service. I was able to not only find a terrific townhouse to live in but a fabulous roommate as well. Roommates.com is a definite commodity to those looking for housing. Thanks!!!!
- Cbrowninnc
Not only did I find a great roommate,but I found a fiance! Within a couple of days of signing up for roommates.com,I had several people lined up to come by and look at my house. The very first person to come turned out to be an absolutely wonderful match. Thanks very much!
- Jill
A couple of weeks ago, my future roommate was surfing the web to see if there was anything at all available from our mid-size town, when the location of my house stood out, since it was on the very street that he lived! I was only across the street and four doors up from him. Even though we were so nearby, neither of us are home much, so we would've never found each other if it wasn't for your website. We turned out to be well-suited to each other and are getting along just great! Thanks for the easy-to-use and helpful site that got us together.
- Valerie
I am so grateful...I found a wonderful roommate thanks to your site! THANKS A MILLION!
- Lissette
It's ridiculous how easy it is to find a roommate through Roommates.com. It took me only two weeks and 10 bucks to find the perfect place! I'd recommend the service to anyone. Thanks!
- Gabriel
I'm very happy with the results of my membership with roommates.com. It only took two weeks before I found a great place and an even better roommate. What I really liked was the variety of opportunities that I had. I wasn't limited to one or two options, so I didn't feel pressured to make a choice based solely on finances or location.
- Kellyd
Thank you very much for the service. My trip to Florida was great and everyone I meet through the roommate service were awesome. I meet new friends and my future roommate. This was a nice experience.
- Ben
Of all the roomate finding services, i like yours the best. I like how I can contact people and they can let me know they are interested before I pay. With the other sites, I can't do anything until I've paid, but I have to idea how beneficial they are. Thanks!
- Natalie
This site is great. I have now found a roommate and in less than three days. I highly recommend it. I am really looking forward to living in my new home.
- Kodiakkid
I found a very nice, honest, and great roommate through your service. Thank you very much!!!!
- Lou
I have found a roomate through Roommates.com . Thank you very much for providing your services. I had to relocate out of state for my job. I only had 16 days to find a place to live so I turned to Roommates.com. Here I found a roomate who had a place with everything I needed and more. Best of all I still have another week before I have to move. WOW! Thanks again for providing your services. I don't know what I would be doing next week when I move without you guys' help.
- FAmovn
Thanks for your service, I only had a few days to find a place and your site saved my life! It came down to the 11th hour and I was pretty worried. Becoming a member for those few days was the key to finding a cool roommate and place to live that was still affordable while being close to where I work.
- Chris
I put an add up and within two days I had a dozen responses and within the week I filled my vacancy! Thanks so much - it was very easy. I would definately use the service again.
- Jen
Thank you so much for your service! After meeting several potential roommates, all of whom were quality people, we finally found the right match! I recommend this site to anyone who is looking for a roommate. Thanks again, Bev
- Bev
I am sooooo glad I found roommates.com. It seemed like I would never find a comfortable home at a reasonable price in looking for apartments. I signed up with roommates.com and met some very nice people. I acquired a place to call home, and even though one place did not work out, I now have a new friend. Roommates.com made the transition from one state to another exciting since i was able to find a place to live within 3 days after looking through ads etc. for at least 2 months....
- Vilma
By using roommates.com I found the perfect roommate. It was extremely easy to contact this person. I've searched around quite a bit for a service that is both user-friendly and affordable; no other service fits this niche like roommates.com. - Robert
- NonstopDJ
Thanks for the great service! It helped put me in contact with a lot of great folks and I found a place within 2 weeks!
- GerRee
I subscribed to one other site. This site was so much more informative, brought in more prospective roommates, and was just 100 times better. Thanks.
- Elizabeth
This service was far better than other resources for finding a room on the Internet. I highly suggest using this site for anyone looking for a residence short term or long term. I found this site incredibly easy to use and extremely inexpensive to begin a full membership! I will definitely be relying on Roommates.com in the future!!!!
- Christin