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New Year…  New Resolutions,... Some Broken Resolutions… Time to Start Over?!

New Year… New Resolutions,... Some Broken Resolutions… Time to Start Over?!

We hope 2024 is off to a good start!

At our goal is to help you find AND keep a roommate. Here are some of our suggestions for starting the year out right for you and your roommate.

1.  Pick up YOUR clutter before the end of the day

It's easy for clutter to build up, especially in common areas. Before going to bed, make an effort to walk around your home and pick up any items that have gotten laid down during the day.

2.  Make A Cleaning Schedule and Stick to It 

Creating a schedule is one thing. Keeping the schedule is another. On a daily/weekly basis, take a mental note of the current cleanliness of your home and what you would like to improve on. Reevaluate at the end of the day/week and see how you did, then work on improving. Learn more about dividing up chores in this article.

3.  Prepare More Meals at Home 

Make an effort to cook more meals than you currently do. This is a relatively easy way to feel like you're taking better care of yourself. It's also a good way to save money from dining out and also reduce calories. This can be a personal goal or a goal with your roommate(s)!

4.  Grow Connections with Friends and Family 

It can be so easy to get caught up in day to day life, that your loved ones get pushed to the back of mind. Make a weekly effort to touch base with people of your choosing. This could be a parent, sibling, old friend, old teammate, cousin, coworker, or anybody you miss.

Did you make a New Year's Resolution? If not, it's not too late!

5.  Start Small

If a New Year's resolution isn't something you've done before, choose a goal that is feasible. You'll want to avoid setting a larger or more difficult goal to ensure you can stay motivated.

6.  Tell People 

Once you share your goals with people, it can seem more 'real'. Doing this will also put extra pressure on you to follow through.

7.  Write it Down 

Do you remember that study technique where you write it down and it gets stuck in your brain? Well, the same thing will happen if you write down your goals. And while you're at it, post it to the refrigerator or on your mirror so you can't walk past it every day without noticing.

8.  Have an Accountability Partner

See if there's someone in your life who would take on the same goal as you. Having another person to share your mutual accomplishments with helps you be more accountable and proud of your efforts.

9.  Measure Your Progress 

You can do this as in-depth or as simply as you'd like. For an easier measurement, cross off each day that you completed your goal. After a few weeks look back and see how you did. Doing this also helps you acknowledge the time you've put forth and the progress you've made. A more in-depth version of this is writing a daily recap. Include what you did that day, what you wish you would have done, and how to improve moving forward.

Remember, one resolution is plenty to create change in your life. Try to focus on one resolution and have realistic expectations for yourself. Know that if you miss a day or forget to complete your goal, you can still continue trying. Don't get down on yourself if you can't stick to your resolutions 100% of the time. Just keep going.

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