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Roommates in Austin, TX
Roommates in Baltimore, MD
Roommates in Boston, MA
Roommates in Charlotte, NC
Roommates in Chicago, IL
Roommates in Columbus, OH
Roommates in Dallas, TX
Roommates in Denver, CO
Roommates in Detroit, MI
Roommates in El Paso, TX
Roommates in Fort Worth, TX
Roommates in Houston, TX
Roommates in Indianapolis, IN
Roommates in Jacksonville, FL
Roommates in Las Vegas, NV
Roommates in Los Angeles, CA
Roommates in Louisville, KY
Roommates in Memphis, TN
Roommates in Nashville, TN
Roommates in New York, NY
Roommates in Oklahoma City, OK
Roommates in Philadelphia, PA
Roommates in Phoenix, AZ
Roommates in Portland, OR
Roommates in San Antonio, TX
Roommates in San Diego, CA
Roommates in San Francisco, CA
Roommates in San Jose, CA
Roommates in Seattle, WA
Roommates in Washington, DC


For over 15 years, has been connecting those looking for someone to live with.

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What are some benefits of having a roommate?

More Money

Rent, utilities, and other household expenses can be expensive, but when you split them with someone else, you'll have more money left over for the fun stuff. You might even be able to afford a nicer apartment than you could on your own.

More Time

Having a roommate means you can split household chores and make your life easier. Cooking, cleaning, and other household tasks can be split up between the two of you, making it easier to keep things clean and tidy.

More Friends

Your roommate might have friends or acquaintances that you can get to know, expanding your social circle. Plus, you might find that you enjoy doing things together, like going out to eat or exploring your city.

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