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Find your Perfect Match®

This is the second time I have used this site and I have had very good results from it. I would recommend to anyone that is looking for a roommate.” - Lorie
We get it, searching for a roommate can be a pain... which is why we created The fastest, easiest and safest way to find a roommate! At, we don’t want you to settle for living with just anyone, we help you Find your Perfect Match®.
Think we’re full of pile of poo? We just might be (JK), but here's how it works... matches you with potential roommates based on mutual compatibility. Our Perfect Match system only shows you other members based on shared wants and needs. Simply put, if you're a 22 year old student with a puppy who wants a private bathroom, you’ll only be paired with those who meet your desires and vice versa. However, if you’re one who prefers to explore your options, you can always browse all of our members who aren't necessarily “perfect matches” because hey, sometimes opposites attract!
No need to stress, we make finding a roommate easy.
Still need a reason to join? has been trusted by MILLIONS across the nation since 2001. Give us a try, we’re sure you’ll find a roommate and maybe even a lifelong friend…not to brag or anything. 🤗
Having a roommate isn't just about saving money, it's the opportunity to share a space with someone you truly enjoy being around! Whether it's simply chilling on the couch or having a fun night out, no matter the situation, you should enjoy the person you’re living with... and trust us when we say you don't want to share an apartment with someone who's a total eggplant., the easiest solution to finding your Perfect Match. Life isn't meant to be solitary—the right roommate will brighten your day, and be there for you when you need them most.
We're in the business of matching people so your life is more enjoyable, and to open a door for you to create new, positive experiences with someone (unlike Greg from accounting who's the absolute worst). You deserve to come home to a friendly face, while also saving a little cash.
We truly mean it when we say that we appreciate you and everyone who has helped become the nation's top roommate finder. If you ever have any questions, our friendly U.S. based customer service team is always around, even if it's simply to say hello... but actually don't do that because they're pretty busy. winking face
Well, we've almost reached our character limit, so without further ado, we welcome you to enjoy the NEW where we know you'll find your Perfect Ma