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How to find a senior roommate

How to find a senior roommate

Finding a roommate isn’t just for college students. Adults in all stages of life often need help finding someone with which to share a home. This is true if you’re young, middle-aged, or a senior. Younger folks tend to rely on their social networks or social media to find roommates. But what if you want to find a roommate with more life experience than a 23-year-old? Your next roommate needs to work for you. Someone responsible who will keep things tidy, split the bills, and be a great person to interact with throughout the day. But how do you navigate the endless options and find a great roommate match?

You may be a senior looking for a similarly-aged roommate for the first time. Or, you may be younger but seeking the added stability of living in the home of a more established senior adult. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about people in their golden years. Senior adults make for great roommates; if you haven’t yet, you should consider moving in with one. 

Why seniors make for great roommates

Many seniors are looking to downsize after decades of caring for a large home or facing changing life circumstances. They need a smaller space to suit themselves and one other person. Others are interested in renting out a room in their home for extra income or just want someone to keep them company, lighten their living expenses, and share the household upkeep. 

If you’re a young adult, it may never have even entered your mind to consider living with someone older, but seniors make great roommates because they’re responsible, established, and comfortable with a slower, quieter pace of life. If you’re looking for someone to share living costs with, such as rent, utilities, and other miscellaneous expenses, an older adult may make perfect sense, and an unexpected friendship may blossom for you both!

Senior adults increase your quality of life

When younger adults match with older adults, both parties can increase the quality of life for each other. Older adults can teach new skills or ways of living. Younger adults can help senior adults stay connected to the vibrancy of youth. If you are a senior, finding an older roommate to share your home with is a great way to keep your housing costs under control while bringing in someone with whom you can relate. Having a senior adult roommate might be a great way to help with rising housing costs, and you might gain a friend too.

Senior adults are often financially responsible

Older adults bring a wealth of financial experience to the table. If you’re moving into a home owned by a senior adult who has decided to take in a roommate, chances are they own their home and just need help with the rising costs of home maintenance, utilities, and other living expenses. They will be grateful for what you can contribute financially to their life while giving you a responsible roommate situation—no more worrying whether your roommate will pay their share of the rent on time. If you’re curious, you may also learn some financial responsibility tips from your new roommate.

Different-aged roommate pairings expand your generational relationships

Many young adults only know the seniors they’re related to. Whether you have a good relationship with your grandparents or not, you have a specific type of relationship with them simply because they are family. Making friends with a senior adult by moving in with them can grow your capacity to relate to and understand an older generation. You may be surprised by how similar your cares and worries were to your new senior roommate when they were your age.

Senior roommates can be great friends

Senior roommates have lived full and active lives, and many are still going strong. But they also enjoy slowing down and just being with other people in a way that busy young adults might find challenging to do themselves. Having a senior roommate could be the right kind of invitation for you to slow down, sit by the fire, savor a home-cooked meal, or simply go easier on yourself. If you pay attention and join your new roommate’s pace of life, you may make a new friend and find much-needed balance.

A roommate will help you save money

Rent isn’t the only living expense you’ll reduce with a new roommate. Sharing costs for an internet provider, streaming services, and other traditional utilities, like heating, cooling, electricity, and water can significantly impact your monthly budget. Sure, you can keep spending all that money to have a place to yourself, but why not save some money by moving in with a roommate, putting those savings toward a long-term goal of your own?

The BEST way to find a senior roommate

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