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Getting a Fresh Start: Springtime with Your Roommate

Getting a Fresh Start: Springtime with Your Roommate

Spring is the time to start fresh. Here at we know that a new season can influence you to start new. It’s the perfect time to rejuvenate your living space and deepen your connections with your roommates! Creating and maintaining a clean and harmonious living space is important to individual happiness and success. Here are some activities we suggest to bring you and your roommates together. 

Spring Cleaning Party

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task, so make the process fun! Play some energetic music, designate tasks, and work one one room at a time. For an even better experience, you can even create a shared playlist! 

Picnic in the Park

Enjoy the sun and organize a picnic at your local park! Grab a basket with some of your, and your roommates, favorite snacks, a blanket, and an activity to do. If you’re more sporty, a frisbee or football. If you enjoy relaxing more, try painting, coloring, or playing cards! 

Create a Terrarium

Go for a walk around your area and collect cool rocks, some sticks, soil, moss, and a few small plants that won’t overgrow. Collect all your materials and organize them into a glass jar! Before closing and sealing the jar, mist the soil to help start your own tiny ecosystem! You can plan to open the jar one every week or so to let in fresh air. 

Movie Night

Plan a movie night for you and your roommates! Get some popcorn and candy that you all like, choose a feel good movie, and set up extra pillows and blankets. For an extra touch put up some small twinkle lights! If you have a balcony, you can even move the movie outside. Set up a laptop, or a white sheet with a projector to further enhance the fun! 

Potluck Dinner

Get your roommates and their friends together for a dinner party! A potluck takes the pressure off of any one person. Plus people take home their own dishes! Use this opportunity to meet new friends and get to know your roommates. 

Spring is the perfect time to start fresh and put your best foot forward. Use our tips to connect with your roommates and get prepared for a new season! 

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