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The 3 Best Roommate Archetypes

Roommate’s Choice: The 3 Best Roommate Archetypes

Living with another person can be tough, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the sake of our bank accounts. Better still, choosing the right roommate can reap benefits that reach beyond our finances. It’s great to have a built-in hangout or a willing companion to help us keep the living space neat and tidy. It’s also nice just to have a friend to talk with when you get lonely or need to vent about a professor or co-worker.

For better or worse, our roomies are a huge part of our lives. With that in mind, this week, we thought we’d take a more optimistic approach and highlight those roommates we all wish we could have. Here, in this best of all possible worlds, are the 3 greatest roommates you could ever be lucky enough to share an apartment with.

The Friendly Ghost

There’s nothing better than a roommate who pays their rent but spends all of their time at their significant other’s place. You’re getting all the apartment for half the price! There’s no one around to trash the place, or eat all your food, or party until all hours of the night – you are the master of your own domain because essentially, you are the only one who lives there!

Of course, your roomie might show up occasionally, but they’ll be gone after doing a load of laundry and some brief interaction – during which they will act like there’s nothing weird about their constant absence. So before you move in with someone new, it might be wise to inquire as to his or her relationship status – your next roommate might just be Casper the Friendly Ghost!

The Janitor

Some people are slobs, some people are tidy, and then there are those who are downright obsessive. Forgive their neuroses; living with a janitor is about as good as it gets. It’s not an excuse to trash the apartment but knowing that your roommate has your back when you don’t have time to wash that dish or clean that toilet is a welcome relief during these times.

Even if your roommate is all about vacuuming the carpet and dusting the end tables, it’s important to establish an equal cleaning dynamic so that your live-in janitor doesn’t feel taken advantage of. Establishing some clear-cut responsibilities will help you both stay sane while your apartment stays spotless. Plus, the more you’re willing to step up and help out, the more willing your roomie will be to take the lead!


Most successful young professionals don’t need a roommate, but those that do are the best kind. For starters, you’ll never have to worry about them being late with the rent, the utilities, or the cable. They’re also more willing to cover the tab when you order in for dinner. They get to flex their financial muscle and you get to live with a little less stress for the duration of your time together.

Bear in mind, this sort of relationship can be a delicate balance. You don’t want to take advantage of your roommate but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy their generosity. If your roomie is loaded, feel free to let them cover the tab and volunteer to chip in for the tip. This will show that you’re not a leach, and it will keep you from over-drafting your bank account trying to keep up with the Big Spender.

Finding the ideal roommate can be a lot more difficult than most people think but for those of us who have to share a space with someone we loathe, we know the value of an awesome roomie. They can be our worst enemies but they can also be our best friends. Ensure that you wind up with the latter by visiting to find your perfect match today!