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Cheapest cities for finding a roommate

Because we have hundreds of thousands of members, has visibility into the market for the cost of sharing a living space across the United States. We're excited to share our first Labs article on the state of rent in cities all over the country. In today's article, we're looking at our real-time data to see in which cities it's cheapest to be a roommate in December of 2021. The coronavirus pandemic has really shaken up the movement of people because many companies are now allowing employees to work from home. This has led to rising rents in some cities and dropping rents in others.

Where should you move to if you're looking to save some money by sharing your living space and working remotely? We've got the answers for you! - Top Ten Cheapest Rent Cities 2021

1. Springfield, Missouri - Average Rent Cost: $455

Located in Greene County in the southwest corner of the state, Springfield is the third-largest city in Missouri, with a population of 113,671. The median income is $48,848, and the cost of living is 24.6% lower than the U.S. average. Springfield’s median age is 38.9. Springfield is also known as the “Queen City” of the Ozarks, and the birthplace of Route 66. The beautiful natural region of the Ozarks is located just south of Springfield, offering beautiful natural landscapes and outdoor recreation. The cost of living is relatively low compared to cities of a similar size, making it a reasonable choice to move to for its affordable rent. Top attractions for Springfield include shopping, sports, museums, entertainment venues, Wildlife National Museum & Aquarium, Dickerson Park Zoo, Wild Animal Safari, Springfield Conservation Nature Center, and the Show Caves. 

2. Norman, Oklahoma - Average Rent Cost: $493

Norman is located 20 miles south of Oklahoma City in Cleveland County, with a population of 125,762, making it Oklahoma’s third-largest city. Norman’s median income is $50,714, and the cost of living is 10.6% lower than the U.S. average. The median age in Norman is 30.1.  Norman is home to the University of Oklahoma. Top attractions for Norman include many parks, nature centers, live entertainment venues, “Sooner” university sports, museums, wineries and breweries, and historical sites.   

3. Lubbock, Texas - Average Rent Cost: $516

Lubbock, Texas is located in the Northwest part of the state, with a population of 262,611 people. The median income in Lubbock is $44,139, and the cost of living is 20.1% lower than the U.S. average. The median age in Lubbock is 29.4. Lubbock is the birthplace of rock’n’roll legend Buddy Holly. The West Texas Walk of Fame is located nearby, honoring musicians from the local region. Attractions in Lubbock include The Museum of Texas Tech University, the Moody Planetarium, eateries and wineries, nightlife and entertainment venues, lots of outdoor natural scenery and hiking, adventure parks, sports entertainment, music and arts community, and historic sites. 

4. College Station, Texas - Average Rent Cost: $523

College Station is located in eastern Texas, with a population of 119,260. The median income in College Station is $33, 434, and the cost of living is 7.2% lower than the U.S. average. The median age in College Station is 22.7. College Station is the home of Texas A&M University. There are plenty of university-related activities, shopping, museums, a vibrant art scene, The Adventure Zoo, restaurants and bakeries, live music venues, and nightlife entertainment.

5. Lincoln, Nebraska - Average Rent Cost: $531

Lincoln is the capital city of Nebraska. Lincoln is home to 290,505 people, making it the second-most populous city in Nebraska. The median income in Lincoln is $49,794, and the cost of living is 10.2% lower than the U.S. average. The median age in Lincoln is 32.4. Lincoln is also home to the University of Nebraska. Lincoln is a part of the Midwest Silicon Prairie, with many high-tech manufacturing jobs. Lincoln offers outdoor activities with many parks and recreation centers, arts and culture, tourism, the Sunken Gardens, museums, Lincoln Children’s Zoo, sports and entertainment arenas, nightlife, eateries, and more. 

6. Dayton, Ohio - Average Rent Cost: $535

Dayton, Ohio is located in western Ohio, and is the sixth-largest city in the state with a population of 139,907. The median income in Dayton is $28,174, and the cost of living is 28.6% lower than the U.S. average. The median age in Dayton is 33.1. Dayton has a diverse economy. Dayton is home to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the National Museum of the United States Air Force. Dayton is known for many famous inventors, such as the Wright Brothers, making the city the birthplace of aviation. Dayton is filled with many recreational trails and parks, perfect for hiking, biking, and exploring the outdoors. There are many fine arts museums and institutes. You can find great nightlife activities, as well as many great dining and drink options. Also, many universities and professional sports teams and events happen.  

7. Kalamazoo, Michigan - Average Rent Cost: $549

Kalamazoo is located in the southwest region of Michigan, with a population of 76,009. The median income in Kalamazoo is $32,959, and the cost of living is 20.8% lower than the U.S. average. The median age in Kalamazoo is 26.2. Kalamazoo is equidistant from Chicago and Detroit, with each city being less than 150 miles away. Western Michigan University is located in the heart of Kalamazoo, and so is the well-known private liberal arts college, Kalamazoo College. Kalamazoo Valley Community College is also located here. The Kalamazoo River runs through the city, offering many outdoor activities. There are many museums, art institutes, and musical entertainment venues in Kalamazoo, with a big nightlife scene and much to do. Kalamazoo is also known for many great local breweries and distilleries.

8. Des Moines, Iowa - Average Rent Cost: $558

Des Moines is the capital of Iowa, with a population of 212,312 people. The median income in Des Moines is $46,430, and the cost of living is 18.8% lower than the U.S. average. The median age in Des Moines is 33.9. Many attractions of this capital city include The Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden, The Des Moines Art Center, the Downtown Farmers’ Market, Adventureland Park, Science Center of Iowa, Blank Park Zoo, and many more. Des Moines offers many great attractions and a hopping restaurant scene. Des Moines also offers an extensive art scene, with many museums and galleries to check out. The city is very walkable and has many outdoor attractions for nature seekers.  

9. Edmond, Oklahoma - Average Rent Cost: $559

Edmond is a city in the central part of the state of Oklahoma, located as part of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. The population of Edmond is 95,346, making Edmond the fifth-largest city in the state. The median income in Edmond is $71,825, and the cost of living is 0.9% lower than the U.S. average. The median age in Edmond is 35. Edmond is known for its great education system and top school districts in the state, as well as its great economy. Edmond is also home to The University of Central Oklahoma. There are many beautiful natural sites near and in Edmond, like Arcadia Lake, and over 20 local parks, offering much to do outdoors. Many shopping centers and easy commute times make living here convenient. There is a great nightlife scene in Edmond, with many places to dine. There is a large arts community here as well.

10. El Paso, Texas - Average Rent Cost: $563

El Paso is located in the far western region of Texas. With a population of 681,534, El Paso is the 23rd-largest city in the United States. The median income in El Paso is $42,037, and the cost of living is 18.6% lower than the U.S. average. The median age in El Paso is 32.8. El Paso is the second-largest-majority-hispanic city in the United States. The Rio Grande runs through El Paso, and the city is located across from the Mexico-United States border, across from Ciudad Juárez. El Paso offers an array of historical and cultural sites and museums. This city offers much entertainment for the entire family, like the El Paso Zoo, or you can ride roller coasters at Western Playland. El Paso is filled with a rich and vibrant art scene, with many traditional and contemporary galleries. There are many outstanding eateries, vineyards and wineries.    

(Median stats collected from, 2020)