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Most Pet-Friendly Cities To Get a Roommate

It's hard to resist the love and affection our furry (or not-so-furry) friends can give us. Whether you're more of a dog or cat person, pets make up an important part of many Americans' lives. While it's hard to pinpoint exactly how many people have pets—some reports are as low as 77 million dogs and 58 million cats, to as high as 90 million dogs and 94 million cats—there's no denying that there are a lot of pets around the country. That said, if you're living with roommates, it's not always that you'll end up with a lover of furry friends like yourself.

With hundreds of thousands of members with apartment listings on our site, we have access to real-time data to help you find out where you have the best chance of living with roommates who'll welcome your pet. In our second Labs article, let's take a look at which cities have the highest percentage of pet-friendly listings, and what you can do with your pets there!

1. Kansas City, MO — 61%

Right on the border of Kansas, Kansas City is Missouri's largest city. Home to just over 508,000, it's well-known for being an incredibly pet-friendly city. In fact, did you know that Kansas City is home to the Pet Ranch, a luxury pet resort with boarding and daycare services for dogs and cats? The city is home to three off-leash dog parks (Waggin' Trail, Swope Park Off, and Penn Valley), but of course pets are welcome in any of the parks—which total well over 200! Even better, KC hosts an annual Dog N Jog event, where you can bring your dog and run through Berkley Riverfront Park and finish at Bar K Dog. Whether it's just for fun or for a prize, this 30+ year old tradition is one of the mainstay highlights for pet lovers!

2. Indianapolis, IN — 56%

Clocking in at just under 1 million residents, Indiana's state capital is also a great place for furry friends. There are plenty of pet-friendly restaurants, such as Ralston's Drafthouse or Petite Chou, as well as Metazoa Brewing Co., which donates a percentage of its profits to animal organizations. Indy is home to at least 5 off-leash dog parks, including Broad Ripple Dog Park and Smock Bark Park. There are also plenty of hiking trails nearby the city for a lazy weekend, such as Morgan Monroe State Park (which covers almost 30 miles!) or Fort Harrison Park, the city's only state park. Happy hiking!

3. Philadelphia, PA — 53%

One of the oldest municipalities in the country and home to around 1.6 million people, Philly is home to more than just Philly cheesesteaks and a lot of history! It's a very pet-friendly city, with plenty of options downtown, in the suburbs, and in New Jersey. While there are plenty of off-leash dog parks to pick from, one local favorite is Schuylkill River Park Dog Run, which has separate areas for both large and small dogs. Another great park (that's not off-leash!) is Wissahickon Valley Park. With over 1,800 acres, you and your dog will have fun exploring for days! Looking to get a bit further out of the city? Try Ridley Creek State Park. In the mood for food or a beer? P.J. Clarke's on Walnut Street is the place to be—and your best friend will be more than welcome.

4. Miami, FL — 52%

Sun and beaches! Often called the Cruise Capital of the World, Miami has plenty to offer pets, despite being a huge tourism hub. Kennedy Dog Park is a dog park with separate ares for smaller and larger dogs, while Bark Park is open later than some other parks are. Prefer to make the most of living near the beach? Haulover Dog Park is close to the beach, so you can let your dogs run off-leash there (although you will have to pay for parking!) Also, Perrine Wayside Dog Park is home to a lake where your furry friends can go swimming in and get hosed down after.

5. Denver, CO — 52%

The Mile High City, home to 715,000, has been named the best place to live in the country—and it's also a great place for pets! Dogs are welcome at countless bars, shops, and hotels throughout the city, but there are also plenty of pet-friendly hiking trails. Platte River Greenway Trail is an easy hike that's almost 7 miles long, with lots of nature nearby downtown. For a hike that's a bit further away, Upper Dog Loop at Red Rock Canyon Open Space is a gorgeous hike with breathtaking scenery. Plus, dogs can run around off-leash. Want to be outdoors without hiking? Some dog-friendly parks include Railyard Dog Park or Cherry Creek State Park, the largest recreation area in the southeast of the city.

6. Reno, NV — 50%

While Reno is popular for its casino and tourism, the mid-sized Nevada city has plenty to offer pet owners. As a popular pet-friendly West Coast City, many shops, boutiques, and restaurants welcome pets, such as Wild River Grille (where they also donate a percentage of proceeds to the Nevada Humane Society). If you're looking to escape the hustle and bustle with your pooch, head on over to one of the many dog-friendly parks Reno has to offer. Some parks with designated off-leash areas include Virginia Lake Dog Park and Whitaker Park Dog Park. Up for a challenge? Head out of the city to Hunter Creek Trail. While it's a longer hike, you'll be rewarded with stunning views of Reno.

7. Columbus, OH — 48%

With lots of green space throughout the city, there are plenty of dog-friendly parks and trails in Columbus. Some popular locations include Blendon Woods or Heritage Trail Park. For something in the heart of the city, Columbus Downtown Dog Park provides an off-leash park, making it a popular choice for the residents of the city. Looking to splurge? Granville's Lazy River is perfect for camping, complete with a fenced-off dog park! The city also holds the WAG! Fest as summer draws to a close, a one-day event that's free and all about dogs and their people. You can't miss it!

8. Fort Worth, TX — 48%

With just under 1 million, Fort Worth is another fantastic location to bring your pets to—and you'll be sure to find lots of open space! Take ZBonz Dog Park, with 10 acres of running space for your dogs. There's also Tipps Canine Hallow Dog Park, which has a dog washing station. While there are only 3 off-leash dog parks in the immediate city, you'll find over a dozen in the surrounding area. If you're up for a hike, Sansom Red Trail is just over 2 miles, and comes with an amazing waterfall view while you're at it!

9. Tuscon, AZ — 46%

This Arizonan city is a pet lover's dream: plenty of dog parks, trails, and pet-friendly establishments. If you're up for a hike, some recommended trails include Sweetwater Preserve and Feliz Paseos Park. For parks, you'll find some of the locals at Rillito River Park or Star Valley Park. A visit to the Tuscon Botanical Gardens' Dog Days of Summer is on order, where entry is just $3 a dog. Feeling peckish? Dogs-n-Donuts provides yummy snacks for pets and humans alike!

10. Saint Petersburg, FL — 46%

The Sunshine City has plenty to offer in addition to its amazing beaches. Some favorite dog parks include Coquina Key and Lake Vista. Feel like bringing Fido to the beach? Fort de Soto Park has a dedicated dog beach, along with hoses for after the good times are over. If you're willing to make a little trek, Clearwater offers Enterprise Dog Park, with plenty of off-leash areas for your dog to roam around. If you're strolling downtown, your pet will be welcome at most restaurants with outdoor seating. A visit at Three Dog Bakery is worth your time if you want to spoil your dog a bit! Wherever you wind up, it's bound to be a good time for you and your pet.

Wrapping up

Whether you prefer an East Coast or West Coast vibe, want a smaller city or a place with more action, there are plenty of pet-friendly cities with roommates that would love to welcome you and your best friend into their home. What're you waiting for? Find your new pet-friendly roommate today.