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14.7% of people are willing to share a bedroom with a stranger

The Biggest Roommate Dealbreakers Revealed: 2023

Have you ever wondered what dealbreakers top the list when finding a roommate? 

Roommates, the Roommate finding platform, has combed through its data, analyzing the preferences of their thousands of users throughout the United States to find the information.

And it turns out, when it comes to the biggest dealbreakers, sharing a bedroom tops the list, with only 14.7% of Americans willing to share a bedroom with a prospective roommate.

Meanwhile, second on the list is smoking, with only 43.2% of users willing to share their property with people who smoke. It’s bad news for parents as the next highest dealbreaker is having kids with just over 50%.

The next dealbreaker on the list was pet owners, with just over half of users allowing a pet lover to live in their home at 57.2%.

However, it seems like a majority of people are happy to share their space with someone of any age or gender - with 64.1% of people being open to living with someone in a different age category and 62.1% willing to live with someone of a different gender.

You can look at their full breakdown below and find other interesting roommate statistics and data here.

Percentage Of Total Users This Year Who Allow Roommates Who:

Have Pets: 57.2%

Smoke: 43.2%

Have Kids: 50.8%

Are Of Any Age: 64.1%

Are Of Any Gender: 62.1%

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