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Looking for a roommate in Charlotte? You've come to the right place. With nearly 150,000 people living here, there's no doubt you'll find one! Charlotte is no doubt a desirable city to live in, not only known for its historic theme parks, center for the arts, polite hospitality... and of course NASCAR- the architecture and city layout make it a very attractive place! While living in Charlotte is fun and all, if you're not living with the right person (*cough* Becky who never pays rent on time), it's easy to lose sight of how fun life could be with a roommate. So don't live with a 'Becky', find a roommate who not only pays their rent on time, but also becomes a good friend along the way! Join the millions who have successfully found an awesome roommate to share a space with. Whether you're a socialite or homebody, we'll help you find someone who matches exactly what you're looking for and vice versa. Get started FREE now, and find a roommate in Charlotte today!

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