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  1. / worked! I found someone for the empty room in my apartment within a few weeks of searching. I tried local classifieds and three people made appointments to look at the room and all of them flaked out and didn't bother to show up or call. Thanks! - James

  2. Outstanding service. I got a great room, at a great price and did it all via email in about 20 minutes. - knight13

  3. Thank you for your GREAT SERVICE!!!! I tried other rental ad agencies but BY FAR, your's is the very Best !!! Sincerely, Michael

  4. I was able to contact a great number of people through the service, and follow up on many leads. I thank you for your services, I think that this is a great way to find a room, roommate, or both. - Bridget

  5. Your service is well put together and it produces quick results. I found an ideal roommate and place. Thanks for the assistance! - Steven

  6. Without this service I would still be stuck in an apartment with a roomate that I do not get along with, and a stinky cat. Thank you for providing this service, so far we all seem to get along quite well. Thank you again!!!! - Michelle

  7. I found to be the best option available. I got the most responses from my ad here than in the local paper and some other websites. - Ken

  8. This service was great! I found a wonderful place with wonderful roomates, and when its time to do this again I will use this service. - Anna

  9. The people on here are really great. Having the option of accessing the data base for just a week or sixty days was an option that I found fair and useful. - Jessica

  10. Your site worked fantasic. We recieved many inquiries and found a roomate that works great. The room-mail system is a great idea. - Brendan

  11. I have found your service extremely user friendly and convenient. Also your customer service is very efficient and helpful. Thank you for creating a service like this. - Matthew

  12. I am VERY impressed with your service and also your Customer Service. I will FOR SURE use your service in the future. My new "roomie" is awesome! Thanks again! - Shawntell

  13. I spent $100 advertising for a roommate in 9 different newspapers and did not have any luck. I used your site and found a roommate who is relocating to my area. It worked beautifully!! Thanks! - Brenda

  14. Thank you. This is a great service, I got more responses than in the paper and I also had a little bit of background on each applicant right away. Thanks again, I will use and recommend your service in the future. - Alisa

  15. I found a perfect match! I wanted a short term rental for a young woman in need of temporary housing and found her! This was great. - Sally

  16. I found the MOST beautiful, big, and relatively cheap ($550) room in Brooklyn through; plus, my roommate is going to be an awesome roommate. And, no less, i found the room while in Hawaii. - de Vie

  17. Thank you very much for the service you provided. With little effort and time, I found two roommates for my house. - Eric

  18. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You provide a wonderful service that is beyond easy to use and highly successful. If I need roommate services in the future, you'll be the first service I use. - Xandra

  19. This is a great service. I was able to learn about my potential roommates which made the process alot easier. Also, the cost is reasonable, the payment system is easy to use and the site is easy to navigate. Thanks for all of your help! - Melissa

  20. Great service and very effective. I would not hesitate to use in the future. - Vavrin

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