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2,503 testimonials... and counting.

251. I just wanted to thank whoever started this site. I found an awesome roommate who I get along with great! It definitely made moving across the country a little easier.
- Victoria
252. I found all of my 3 current roommates through Roommates.com after attentively screening a lot of applicants in the length of 1 year long because I first only wanted to have 1 roommate. Then, I decided to have another one after I used to live and share the same house with that roommate. It led me to have now 3 different ones since my unit is a brand-new 4-bed, 4-bath townhouse. I'd like to express my appreciation to Roommates.com. I know whenever I need to look for a roommate, your website is the first one I can turn to. I have tried other websites but found no effectiveness, professionalism, and safety as Roommates.com. I really and highly recommend your website and your well-organized and professional service to all people who are looking for a place to rent or having a place to rent out.
- Erick
253. Great site - I found someone that is very compatible. People kept telling me to try Craigslist, but that seemed so random and scary. Roommates.com allowed me to narrow the roommate pool and screen potential roommates so well that I found someone that fit my profile EXACTLY. Thanks for offering a great service at a great value.
- Becca
254. Yay! I found a roommate and it's awesome! I can't believe this really worked! It made a believer out of me!
- Lenzie
255. I've got to admit I was skeptical to sign up, I thought if I just looked hard enough and checked all the classifieds everyday I would find a roommate, but I always wanted to know more info before I contacted a potential roommate. Roommates.com made it so easy I can't believe I didn't start here from day 1 and avoid all the headaches.
- Rob
256. This is two times now.. first, as a tenant looking for a home a few years ago.. and now, as a home-owner looking for a tenant.. that I've been able to very quickly and affordably find a great roommate situation with your site. I let everyone know about the site and how well it worked. Thanks yet again!
- Anthony
257. Four days after signing up for a three day trial, I found a great guy to share a house with. Without your service, I never would have met him. Thanks for having such a great system!
- Greg
258. It's true, I have found another roommate through Roommates.com! This is the third time I have used this service and have found someone great every time! Sometimes, it is like finding a needle in a haystack to find the right roommate, yet once you find that great profile and meet the individual in person, everything just clicks...which, is such a great feeling! Thank you again for such a wonderful service! Everytime I have needed a roommate, Roommates.com has worked for me!
- Shelagh
259. Thank you so much Roommates.com!!! I found a roommate through you within 2 days!!! I am so excited to move in with her, and would definitely recommend your website to anyone!!!
- Caitlyn
260. Great Service! This is the Second time I found the right place through the use of your website. Thanks!! Keep up the good work!
- Miguel