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331. Great job, found a perfect match right away. I have recommended this website highly. I may move again, and will look here first.
- Jon
332. About a month ago I signed up for several on-line roommate finder services and found Roommates.com to have the most potential roommate matches and the easiest to navigate through. I have now find a roommate through your service and will use this service exclusively next time I am in search of a roommate.
- Jamie
333. I met with 2 different roomates; both were very cool! I decided to rent from the 2nd one because of the ammenities that were offered! Thanks soo much for your Great Services & I'll recommend this to anyone! Again Thanks
- Pat
334. Someone with a house messaged me about their place and they accepted me the next day! It was a great weight off of my shoulders. Great site. When I need another place, I will use roommates.com
- Katya
335. Thanks guys my roomates are great this really helped, and was alot easier then going through the paper and calling every number to find out about location. Two thumbs Up!!!
- Sarah
336. Roommates.com provides a great service! I made alot of connections and contacts and found the place of my dreams in Laguna Beach, CA! Thanks Roommates.com!
- Brent
337. I found an awesome roommate and an awesome townhouse in right around a week through roommates.com!! This service is wonderful! I had new mail almost every day! Thanks again for your amazing service! I would use it again in a heartbeat and will recommend it to all my friends!
- Chance
338. Thanks for helping me:-) I am very satisfied with roommates.com and can only recommend that service!
- Julia
339. I met my future roommate yesterday for dinner and for her to see my apartment and we hit it off immediately. We have a lot in common and I'm so excited that I found a roommate so quickly. Thank you!
- Angela
340. Love it. I found my previous couple roommates on Roommates.com, and just found my new one here in less than a week. --- Great site! Thank you.
- Cathy