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2,503 testimonials... and counting.

381. Very good service. I was very pleased with the whole process and ease of finding a roommate through your service. Thanks a lot!
- Rajek
382. I know everyone says it, but I couldn't be happier!!! I feel so cheesy saying I love this site, but I do. I found my roomie in three days. I never thought it could happen that fast. I would DEFINITELY use this service again!! The only problem was that I found so many compatible people to room with it was hard to pick which one! But I did pick and they turned out to be perfect. I wanted someone I could be friends with that had a similar lifestyle as mine. Thanks SO much to Roommates.com!
- CMJensen
383. This is the second time I have used Roommates.com, and I have had two great experiences! It is secure and reliable. I will without a doubt use this service next time!
- MarissaF
384. I found an ideal roommate in just 2 days on Roommates.com. I still can't believe how easy it was. I'll never go anywhere but Roommates.com in the future. I hope everyone's experience was as good as mine.
- Johnny
385. This service is amazing. I posted my room online on a Saturday moring and found a new roommate by Monday morning and moving in this Saturday. I was recommended to this site and I too would recommend this site to anyone else. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! John
- Kirb
386. Thank you! This is the second time that I have found a roommate through your website. I used it last summer as well. Thanks.
- Islandgirl
387. Found a great house to move into, perfect location. The people I'm moving in with seem to be really cool, and it should be a great match. Thanks (I'd put an exclamation point here, but my keyboard isn't working) -Matt
- MHeller
388. I found a roommate through your match plus. So far we seem perfect for each other. We just found the perfect apartment for us and we move in for a month! Without roommates.com I would not have found such a great person!
- Ashley
389. Thank You so much! I found great roommates. At first I rented a room from a friend of a friend. That turned out to be a disatrous situation, but luckily I went back on Roommates.com for one more try and wound up finding a great living situation.
- Crystaltjl
390. I found a room very quick. Roommates.com works really great. I've actually had friends use it after I mention it and they found results immediately. Thanks!
- Dham