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  1. Thanks to your service I found a roommate and a great place to live. I had less than 2 weeks to find someone and a place but was great and we did. Thank you! - Ugagin5683

  2. Great job! This website helped me find a roommate right away instead of looking around for ages. I found somebody in just the right place for just the right price. She and I are a perfect roommate match. Thanks so much for a great service! :) - SoarAway

  3. Thank You for your awesome site! I was amazed to be able to find such a great roommate in so little time. This site has helped me discover some great new friends and find roommates that I can really click with. Thanx again, ~ Happy Renter ~ - CrazyOne

  4. Really GREAT site!! I've used it for the first time 2 years ago and the roomate that I have found at that time is now one of my best friends. A week ago I accepted an offer for a job in another state so i had to quickly find someone to sublet my room, so once again I immediately posted on and within 4 DAYS i found someone to take over my room and who got along great with my current roommate. Once again the site worked out perfectly!!! and I'm not even worried about finding a place to live when I move to a new state because I will use It really gives you a chance to find someone that fits exactly with your requirements as opposed to having to meet a whole bunch of people hit or miss style. - Alle

  5. has been fantastic. I was looking for 3 roommates and all 3 came from your site. Your site was always up and working and gave me real good information to screen potential roommates. Keep up the good work and I'll be back when I need another roommate. -Doug - Dman_oh

  6. This service has been great. Within two weeks of registering with, I found two ideal roommates with whom I share a large three bedroom apartment. Thank you for all the help, Johnnie B. - John_John

  7. Thanks for providing a great service to your customers. I was a paying member on 3 roommate services plus I ran an expensive ad in the local Sunday newspaper, the difference between your service and the others out there is simple.... yours works! I found 2 roommates in a short period of time. Thanks again, Lance - LANCIinGRAP

  8. This website is a very helpful and easy way to find a roommate. I found mine in less than a week! I would definately recommend this website to anyone in need of a roommate. My roommate and I get along great and I am so happy with the place we live. - Hetche

  9. This is actually a great website. I was reluctant at first to pay the dues but it's great. The first person I e-mailed responded right back. They came to see the room the next day, then paid the deposit AND the first month's rent on that same day. gets an A++ - SFiala

  10. I found a great place to live near NYC and this website helped me so much. I currently work on a cruise ship and its hard to find a place when your in the middle of the ocean. I now have a place to move into when I'm done here, and I will always use your services because its very effective, easy to use, reliable and fun. Thanks so much and you soon will have my friends using this also! Nick - Nick

  11. This service was incredible. It could have taken months to find the roommate and room I found here. It took no time at all! My roommate is incredible and so is the home I now live in. Thank you so much, this was a great experience and that's from somebody who's very picky about who I'll live with. - Seerico

  12. Fantastic site! Not only did I find a roommate (only 3 days!!) and great place to live, I was able to reconnect with a friend I haven't seen in a few years! Thanks! Jimmy - JMackintosh

  13. I found a roommate in 2 days!! I'm so glad I found this site. I was in desperate need of a roommate and now I have one who's just like me. - RayBaby001

  14. I found great roommates in one day....thanks! - Heather

  15. Thank you so much for this usuful site!! I found a roommate to live after me and he just came to see the house last night. Fortunately he was really nice guy. So my current roommates also okayed him. Well I can move maybe next week! Anyway, Thank you so much. - Kyoko

  16. Great Website, I got in touch with several very nice people, the decision wasn't easy. - Benjamin

  17. I found a great roomate and am living in San Diego. If I need again I will sign up. THANK YOU. You were the BEST!! - James

  18. Great resource! Second time I've been able to find a roommate in a relatively short amount of time. - Joan

  19. Thank you I have always used your service to find roommates and anytime I've been in need of a place I found the perfect roommate and area to live. Thanks! Rene - Renew

  20. Thanks to you my vacancy has been filled.  You've got a very effective service. Money well spent - especially compared to newspaper ads.  Mike - Connession

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