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2,503 testimonials... and counting.

461. Thank you!!! This was the first time I used Roommates.com and I am very satisfied with the service. I have friends who recommended the site and I can see why. I found a really nice person and exactly the area I wanted. I hope this works out well and if I need another roommate in a few years, I'll definitely use Roommates.com again.
- JC
462. I found a great roommate in less than 2 weeks. I would definitely use this site again and would recommend it to friends. Not only did I find a great place to live, I met some really cool people!
- Hmac
463. Thank you sooo much roommates.com! I have found a great roommate and can't wait to move to New Orleans!!! This service is great - it allows you to get to know the person so well and is really easy to use! Thanks again! *Viki
- Vlhuney
464. This service is great! I found a much better caliber of potential roommates compared to using the local newspaper, plus saved a lot of money. And I got a roommate!
- Dlight
465. I found Roommates.com to be very helpful in finding someone to rent from. It gave me the choices I wanted and needed in a roommate. I hope I can use the service again in the future! Thanks!
- Gcpunkgrl
466. Within only a short period of time I found a great roommate on Roommates.com. I would have never met this person without this service and would not currently have a roommate. Thanks Roommates.com.
- Icloud
467. Thanks! I was really having a hard time finding roommates that were my age and had my interests. Roommates.com made it really easy to find someone who met all the requirements I had (as far as rent and move in dates were concerned). Both the roommates I found are incredibly nice, wonderful girls. Thanks a bunch!
- Amy
468. This is the second roommate I've found through roommates.com. The first one is still with me (after 2 years so far) and we came here first to find a third person for our house. Thanks for the great service!
- Salnellie
469. This site really works! I found 2 people to live with and I am really excited to move. I highly recommend Roommates.com to anyone in search of a roommate! Thanks!
- Karlakay
470. I used your service back when you faxed out matches and I made and rec'd all the calls on the `phone. It was a success for me then and another success for me today, but MUCH easier. It's like sifting through all the like-minded people out there with 50% of the work done by roomates.com. The other 50% is pure serendipity if the match is right once the connection is made in person. Thanks (for the third time in 6 years) for your service! Siouxsie
- Siouxsie