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  1. Thank you. It was a very quick and pleasant experience. It took me only a few weeks to find a great roomate and she is all moved in. I will come back again if I need another one. Pam - PHowland

  2. I found a roommate who i think will work out very nicely. I am a proud home owner and this is the 2nd time roommates has made a successful match. The site is wonderful! bye, david s - Davids1home

  3. Thank you so very much. I found just want I needed in less then 48 hours. I was so surprised! It's only one mile from where I am now so it is perfect. Thank you, Pete - Eden_pete

  4. was great! We found a roommate in a matter of days! We all move in to our new house soon and are very excited to get to know one another! Thanks so much! - Gvgirls

  5. It worked!!! I found the perfect roommate in a matter of days. I was easily able to make a list of potential roommates and then i just stopped by until i found the perfect place and roommates... it was really great and convenient. - Mehikanski

  6. Thank you so much for your VERY reliable and easy service. I found a roommate in three days and only had to show it to two people. This is THE way to find a roommate. My roommate is nice, responsible and we have a lot in common. Thank you also for your extra attention to gay and straight lifestyles, finding people with like personaities and your large space to write about what you want and need in a roommate. Scott D. Johnson - Scott

  7. I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for your wonderful roommmate service! I am a "seasoned" roommate, and have had over 37 roommates since college! Your service has helped my find my last 3 roommates, and they have all been wonderful! Thanks for making a tedious and daunting task so pleasant, safe, and informative. is the ONLY way I'd ever search for a roommate again! I recommend your services and rave about your site to everyone. Thanks again! Claudia Stecker, Atlanta, GA - Claudia

  8. Thanks so much for your services. I found a great new roomie and I move in this weekend. I've used other services but have not been successful. Through , I have had several matches & connections.. I've finally found the "right" roomie for me... Thanks again! Cheryl - SportyGal25

  9. Thanks for all your help. was the best resource I found for locating a room to rent on short term notice that fit my budget needs. I even moved in without meeting my roommate and everything has turned out great. I will definitely use this resource the next time I relocate. Thanks. - New2CT

  10. Thank you for your services. I found a great roommate through this site. It was easy to use and provided an accurate way to guage the type of roommate one is looking for. I will definately use your services again if I need to find a place. - PaulMiano

  11. A wonderful tool for finding roommates. I got 8 reponses, showed the rooms five times, and rented two rooms - all in just about 8 days! Wow. - Livingspace

  12. Thanks for the quality online service. This online service has provided me a very nice option for finding quality roommates. I have used this service in the past (few years ago), to find my very best roommate. If I need another roommate in the future, I will most definitely use this service again. For now, I will give good praise to even though my current roommate was not matched up via Ciao! Allen Newport - Kaitai99

  13. Thanks for the great service! :) My new roommates are the best, and I would not have found them without your service. It's a very affordable way to meet quality people. Keep up the good work! - QueenAlice

  14. Thank you so much for such a great website and service!!! It was easy and effective. I found a roomate in just two weeks when it would normally have taken me months to find someone in an unfamiliar area! I move in in a week and I can't wait! Thanks so much! - Riderlion6

  15. I have had a good experience through I previously used to find the place that I live in now which is a 3 bedroom house and we all met here on this site. One of the roommates just moved out but she has become a very good friend. We found our replacement roommate on this site and he is moving in now. He seems to be a cool guy and I think it will work out well. - Southtampa00

  16. This is a great web site. I'm pretty impressed with how quickly the responses started pouring in. I had four hit within the first half hour of posting the ad. I will definitely use this site again. Thanks - Sean - Seancy

  17. Well, I found a roommate through on the FIRST day my boyfriend and I joined. We automatically felt like he would be a cool guy to live with, and so far it seems to be true! Now we have an awesome apartment on hold for us, and we'll be moving in October. Thanks! - Uhblondier

  18. You have a terrific service. Over the years I have used you several times, always with delightful success. I'm sure there are some bad liars out there, but I haven't met one. Everyone I met was honest and forthright, and the ones I chose were very decent people. Thanks so much. - Artemis407

  19. has helped me find the roommate I was looking for. It allowed me to specify as to who and what I'm looking for in a roommate and took that information and matched me up with the perfect roommate. I can definately say that it was a safe and easy experience. It's for anyone who is looking for a roommate. Thanks you made searhing for a roommate so darn easy. - Scorpio

  20. This is the best resource for finding a roommate. Its so convenient and worth the 19 some dollars. I had already spent $45 on a local roommate service that turned out to be a complete joke and waste of money. The newspaper was too much work didnt give the right amount of info like Thank you guys for your service, it has been a pleasure. -Vanessa Silva - Vanessa29

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