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  9. Thanks very much Because of you guys i was able to find a roommate. Although I registered with three other websites and the local paper, roommates was the only service that came through for me. are the BEST Sincerely yours! Marie - Gmj

  10. Thanks to your website, I found a roommate who allowed me and my 3 dogs to live with him in a beautiful house. I'll definitely use your services in the future. - Sudi777

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  12. Thanks for the help. I think its the best place to find a roommate because you can negotiate things with the other parties and get to know them first and have the option. Its great for people who don't have good credit and need a home without the hastle of background checks and just to do month-to-month. I will use you in the future when I need to move again.:) - Tris

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  20. This site is fantastic!! I was able to find a person that I vibed with and who matched my needs perfectly in less than a week. I am very pleased with the results. - 3yrteacher2

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