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2,503 testimonials... and counting.

571. I appreciate your website, it did much more for me than personal advertising and the newspaper combined! I'll definitely recommend Roommates.com to anyone looking for, or renting a room. -Jason
- JayMills
572. Not only did I find a roommate, I'm in with a couple of guys that I can hang out with! Only through a great service like Roommates.com could I have been put in contact with such a wide variety of roommates so I could get such a great matchup! Thanks!
- Torque
573. So thankful to your service. I found a roommate that is going to be smashing! She has very similar interests, a beautiful location and home and I appreciate this service as it guided me to find her quite easily. Thanks Roommates.com!! YOU ROCK
574. Thanks for the site. It was a great place for me to find a roommate. I tried other sites and they just weren't the same. I found an awesome roommate and he and I get along great. Thanks again. Jeremiah
- Fortmiah
575. I signed up with Roommates.com and the same day I got a call from someone wanting to know if i could come see the place. I did and moved in the same day. Thank You Roommates.com. You saved me alot of trouble and alot of money.
- Newsjunkie
576. Roommates.com has enabled me to find not only a roommate but my soulmate. I posted an ad on roommates.com two years ago, and received a response from Adam who had a room for rent in Phoenix. After we were roommates, and friends for a while, we fell in love, and began dating. Now, we are getting married. I never expected that something like this would happen, when all I was looking for was a roommate. Now when people ask us how we met, we say, "on Roommates.com!"
- Aa
577. My roommate and I found Ryan on roommates.com... We are so lucky to not only have gotten a roommate, but a partner in crime, a best friend, and a guys who always brings in the firewood! We love him!
- Amanda
578. Wow this is the best. I found a room for really cheap and the guys are really great, this site is perfect. You guys get two thumbs up!
- DWoods
579. This is third time I have used this sevice and each time I have been completely satisifed each time. The quantity of roommates available with your site as compared to other roommate sites.The search capablities are excellent! Thanks...Brenda
- Brenda
580. This is the second time I used the site to find a room and it makes finding a room so easy. I hate classified ads plus you don't know what you are getting into. Here it is easy to use, you have photos and detailed descriptions. I will continue to use this site. Might even use it to find roommates.
- Plane