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  1. I found three really great roommates in Renton, WA. They are totally cool, thank God. I even get to meet cool friends. Thanks for hooking me up. It was worth the great price. - Eashie2

  2. Your site is wonderful. My daughter needed a sublet/roommate situtaion with three days notice to move to a job to another city. Thanks to you she found the perfect situation. She was told about your site by my other daughter who has found two apartments through your site. Thanks for helping to give a mother peace of mind. - Bobbyszoo

  3. I found a roommate with the exact needs i had placed and it seems like it will end up working out perfectly for both of us. Thank you for the help in finding a new place to live! - MGilmore28

  4. Thanks for your service. Using led me to a wonderful living situation. I love my new home and my new roomate. Thanks again!! - Davyt

  5. Great site, I found a roommate in less than three days of setting up a profile. Thank you for your help! I definitely don't think there is any other place to search for roommates as comprehensively as this site. - Lavcrew0313

  6. I found a roommate-and a couple other friends on! Thanks for helping out and being cheaper and soo much better than the other roommate services out there! - Bethie25

  7. I decided to rent a studio apartment since I came across something that was available and priced right on your site. Thank you for this helpful service. It was very convenient and there was an amazing source of prospects. I will definitely recommend!!! - Fcastro3

  8. Thank you so much! I was only a member for a week and another member who had only been a member for less than a day contacted me. We met up the same day and a few hours later had agreed to a lease. Thanks again! - Joel77

  9. It's great to be able to see pictures and read the full profile! I knew instantly who would get along best with me and when I met her in person she was just as great as I suspected! Thanks! - Funroomate23

  10. I only had my profile up for 12 hours, and I found the perfect roomie! We're exactly alike! Thank you so much! - BabyKates

  11. This is a great, easy to use site. I've successfully found a match through the use of it. I'm really impressed with the quantity and quality of responses I received. I will definitely recommend to others, and will absolutely use it in the future if needed. Thanks for everything. Nate - Nate25

  12. This site has been a very good place to find a roommate, twice now...I can't think of a better way to search for a roomie...Thank You Andre' - JazzMan3

  13. It was nice to have this assistance. If it wasnt for this, I would still be looking. I joined, and then about 1-2 weeks later I looked at an apartment, loved it and the person, and am waiting for a couple of days to go by so that i can move in!! Thank you so much - Ob97

  14. Thank you. Your service delivered exactly as promised and I very quickly found an excellent housemate. Your help is greatly appreciated. - Tn_todd

  15. I found a roommate in like 3 days with the web-site. I applaud you, actually works, and works well. - DaveB25

  16. The website worked very well for me. I had many queries and was able to correspond with the different individuals extremely easy. I will definitely use it again if I ever need another roommate in the future. - Forrent

  17. has been extremely helpful, and through using it I have successfully located a place to live and two roommates. I would most definitely recommend using this service to anyone who is moving and needs a place to live. It's great and well worth it! - Melcade

  18. Thanks for the prompt emails and great service. I appreciated everything you did with alerting me when I had mail and new I will highly recommend using your service to other friends as well as use it in the future. - Hrvat

  19. Great service. I found a roommate within 24 hours who seems like a pretty cool person, and she's going to be in the same graduate school that I am enrolled in. I used this site just as a backup, but now I've got my roommate and it worked out better than asking around with my friends. Thanks. - CarolinaMe

  20. When considering i thought 'What do I have to lose with these prices?' Well as it turned out I only had a roommate to gain! I found a person who I think is going to be perfect! This was the easiest/ most user-friendly site I have found. Thank you! - Dwn2erthdiva

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