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591. Thanks Roommates.com This a really great service. I found a really great roommate. We spoke a couple times on the phone and then we met. We have a lot in common and have mutual respect for the same things. I will recommend your service to friends. Thanks! -Annette
- Pinkie
592. Just ta let ya know this service ROCKS!! I have found a place to stay and it's super close to work for CHEAP!! Thank you!!
- AWarren
593. This site is great. I have now found a roommate and in less than three days. I highly recommend it. I am really looking forward to living in my new home.
- Kodiakkid
594. Thank you so so so so much for helping me find a roommate!!! She is so awesome. I can't believe how well this service works. Not only did I find a roommate but I found a new best friend! Thanks again!
- Geminigrl
595. Thank You Roommates.com. I found a great roommate just 10 minutes from my work. It was within my price range and specifications as well. I have tried other roommate services before, they were not only over priced, but I never even was able to find a match. I had over 10 to choose from. Thanks Again, Bill
- Bilcelkng
596. Roommates.com is the best place to find quality roommates. Among all of the roommate finding websites, I have always received the most responses from this website. It is affordable and provides a good service. Thanks again for providing a great service.
- Designer
597. This is a fabulous service! I'm a travelling nurse and through Roommates.com found the perfect situation for me. Thanks so much for being here:)
- Annerose
598. Thanks, great service. This website is proof that you can find a good place to live with a trial membership, and enjoy the experience.
- Ladym
599. This website it great. I have several job opportunities and every where I looked there were rooms available through roommates.com. I found a great house to live in and I also am paying less money then I would in an apartment. Thanks for saving me very valuable money!!
- Sportswoman
600. Roommates.com is great! I found the perfect apartment and roommate in less than 20 days!! I will definitely recommend this service to friends of mine. Thanks so much. Nick
- NickNBSS