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  1. is an unbelievable service.  The price is fair, the benefits are great...the customer service is top notch. I found a roommate within 3 days of upgrading my service!! Thanks again   Jason Kobrin (Miami Beach, FL) - JASONUM03

  2. I think your service is the best available for roommate searches. Not only did I find the perfect roommate, but I also made a new friend with another advertiser whom I chose NOT to room with! - Ascherf

  3. THIS IS A GREAT SITE! In the past i have used other sites to find roommates without success. This year I found you guys and thought that i would give you a try...i'm so glad that i did. This is just a wonderful site - easy to search, and manuever thru, and lots of options. I find that the email system that you use is great. After 3 interviews with people, i found one that is a match and couldnt be happier. I will happily recommend this site to all of the people i know. keep up the great work. shannon - Scd671

  4. I am very thankful for this site. It has made finding roomates very easy. I found 3 roomates for the school year, and 2 for a few months this summer. Thank you very much!!! - Dubbs1212

  5. I am very impressed with your site. I got on this site in the first place because I had a friend back out of an apartment we were suppose to move into on June 1,04. It was such a blessing though because I met my roommate on your site and moved in on June 1,04. My new roommate is just wonderful and we get along great! My roommate already lived in the exact apartments I was looking at moving into. We get along great and the apartment is awesome! Thank you soooo much You were a life saver! - Bria82

  6. I had so much luck through and I definitely plan on recommending this site to friends. I found so many places in such a short period of time, it was amazing! I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Thanks, Brandon - Bran20man

  7. Anyone thinking of trying this site should know how simple it is to register, find great people and don't have to worry about getting charged for an extended period of time. Try it for a month and you'll definitely benefit! I found multiple roommates and ended up referring people to other people I met off the site after I had agreed to room with a couple great people I met off the site. Thanks! - JD-USA

  8. Thanks I found a great person who seems to fit with my personality as well as someone that I feel will make a great roommate and a friend. Plus it only took a short time to find a roommate. - T. - Littlecutie

  9. I really liked the way you could find people that matched your certain requests. I also liked it sending me emails when ever someone matched. Thank you so much for a great service!!! It took a lot of the headache away. Again many thanks!! - Phyrehart61

  10. This is a really needed and great service. I knew no one in the area to where I was moving and needed to find an affordable place to live before I arrived to start my new job. Thanks for helping me out. - Dave82

  11. Thanks! I got a lot of responses about my listing and found a roommate within 1 week of posting the ad. She seems really nice & responsible -- the 4th great roommate I have found using your site in the past 4 years! Thanks, again! --Jennifer - Punkapoo

  12. I found a roommate...we are perfect for each other....we have a lot in common and we are looking to do some business together as well. Thanks Roommates.Com I think I have found a best friend... Bobby - Mrfindit

  13. has saved me three times!!! I am a very social, approachable, attractive woman, and have no trouble meeting people, but am very picky about who I share my space with. This service has proved to be a reliable source. Not only have I found great roomates, but I have made solid, lasting friendships which is an extra bonus. I have and will continue to recommend this service to people and will most definetly use again in the future. Thank you. Kelly R - KellyR24

  14. This service has been wonderful! I was able to find a roommate within three weeks who is a perfect match for what I was looking for. I would recommend this website to anyone searching for a roommate! Thank you!! - Mobug

  15. I signed up just the other day and the responses were immediate. I found a roommate last night and couldn't be more pleased with this service. What quality! I'm thankful that I was provided with options and flexibility in finding a quality roommate. Thanks again! - LDalrymple

  16. I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful roommate through In a few short months...I met a perfect dependable match...We're both teachers and are helping each other out by sharing our house...Thank you. Newspaper ads ran around $50+ a one day ad, and I couldn't afford to do it more than once...This was reliable, much more affordable, and I'm thrilled w/ the outcome. Thank you so much. I would use your service again in the future if need be. - Cupig22

  17. Thanks for your help, now I know that this website its really works!!!! I found my roomate and we are very happy now, we will start living togehter July 01, 2004. Thanks!!!! Denisse Ayala - Denisse

  18. Thanks for helping me find a roommate! She is a really neat person and we get along great! If I ever move again or need another roommate, I will definately try again! Thanks! - Liquey007

  19. This service was far better than other resources for finding a room on the Internet. I highly suggest using this site for anyone looking for a residence short term or long term. I found this site incredibly easy to use and extremely inexpensive to begin a full membership! I will definitely be relying on in the future!!!! - Christin

  20. This was a great service, I was in need of two roommates, and I found one on, then she found the other on also. - Katharine

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