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  1. Thanks to your site I found the best roommate a girl could ask for. He came here from Michigan, and he puts a smile on my face every moment that we spend together. Thanks guys!! - Thelilmrm8

  2. I have 3 bedrooms to keep rented out so I am often looking for roommates. Your site seems to always be the one where I find a roommate and get the best results. - Coolview4u

  3. Thanks so much. We will be using this service again in a couple of months. My other roommate had signed up for another service, but got no results. They had found me on this website and signed us up and got a ton of results! It was great! Thanks again. - Jamienoel

  4. I found a great roommate who was able to move in immediately, in less than 2 hours of signing up on this site. Thanks so much for your help and good luck to everyone! - Mel_dean

  5. Thank you so much for the service you provide. We have used your service since January of 2003 and have found that consistently your service is by far the best one in this market. Over the course of a year and a half we have just signed our fourth roommate and all have been superior folks! We will definitely recommend and utilize your service again should the need arise. In fact, we have not only used your roommate service ourselves but utilized it to help a relative move from out-of-state and find an extraordinary roommate in Rancho Cucamonga! Thank you again and keep up your excellent work, it's a godsend for people who are seeking a home or people providing a home. - Kathie

  6. Thanks for your service, I only had a few days to find a place and your site saved my life! It came down to the 11th hour and I was pretty worried. Becoming a member for those few days was the key to finding a cool roommate and place to live that was still affordable while being close to where I work. - Chris

  7. This is such a great service this is the 3rd year I have found great roomies through your service. The people who subscribe here are normal and responsible. I will use you in the future. - Jeni

  8. Needless to say I was quite surprised when I started receiving responses to my ad. It started off rather slow and then escalated to the point where I was able to choose/interview the best person who I thought I could get along with and who would like the condo. It was definitely worth the price for such a professional, reasonable referral service. - Carol

  9. It took me a little longer then I thought it would, but it eventually worked out for the best. I met this great roommate and we get along perfectly from our cleaning habits down to what kinds of food we make for dinner. Okay it sounds corny, but you see what I mean. Thanks for the service I would do it again if I needed to find another roommate! - Colleen

  10. Thank you for you services!!! Through I found 2 great roommates, who are also friends and used to be roommates a couple of years ago....I will definately use your site again. - Christin210

  11. Dear, This is the second time within a year I have needed to use your services. I was very pleased with the first roommates I hooked up with and I think I got an even better house and situation this time. Thank you so much for your very affordable and efficient service. I recommend this as the only internet roommate service to use. Thank you, - Thom

  12. Thx, your service was very helpful in helping me find the perfect roommate. I wasn't reactivated longer than 30 minutes when I made my connection and I will be moving in at the end of the month. Thx, have a good day! - Ben

  13. Thanks for the great resource! Within one week of posting my open room, I found 5 people who were interested and 3 of which actually stopped by the house within the week. saved me a lot of money by giving me the choice between several roommates in one week. Thanks Again! - Jesse

  14. I have used your service three times to find roommates, and each time I have found someone really cool to share my house with. Thank you for a great service! - Laurie

  15. It was so convenient and easy to look for a roommate that would fit into my house. The first person who came to visit was the perfect match! - Foster

  16. Your service was exceptional. I found a roommate on the other side of the country in no time. Thank you very much. - Adam

  17. worked well. I didn't have to narrow my search down to just people in the area I could search for people that were moving to the area which broadened my search. - Brian

  18. This site is fantastic. I've managed to find three roommies based on this sites capabilities. Thanx,! - Joel

  19. Wonderful website!! I found a roommate within 36 hours. We were complete strangers before meeting on this site, even though we graduated from the same high school 2 years apart. Now we're moving in together!! Thank you!! - Talleyrand

  20. After only a week on your site I found a roommate and we're getting along great!! Thank you very much!! This site was the easiest, fastest way for me to find a roommate. - Chris

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