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  1. Hello, I have found a roommate. Thank you. I'm very satisfied. It was no work on my part I just had to call people and make more friends. I made friend even with the girls I didn't choose to live with. Great job - Amanda

  2. I didn't *just* find a roommate - I found a GREAT roommate through! I highly recommend this service to anyone - especially to those who don't think they would usually use an online service for this kind of thing. My roommate and I were both skeptical about meeting someone over the Internet, but we were both running out of options - so we took a chance. And it's turned out to be an ideal situation for us both! Thanks,! - Audrey

  3. It was so easy! I put my ad on your site, and BOOM! Thank you so much for the help and a great site. - Sheila

  4. Thanks!! You've made the journey a fun and pleasant one! - Kelly

  5. I'll be back when I need another roommate. has helped me on several occasions. When I was looking for a room and now renting out a room. Thanks! - Ken

  6. is great! I found my roommate through your service, and though we've just moved into our apartment, it looks like it's going to be a really good situation. I'm excited, and my roommate is really nice. Thank you for your service! - Tina

  7. I only had a couple of weeks to find an apartment, roommates and to move to the area. I used and found two awesome roommates within one week! Thanks so much! - Sarah

  8. Your service, overall, is the BEST one available. Your service was consistently operative, easily accessible, boasted very ease-of-function. Simply, the BEST. THANKS!!!! - Mathew

  9. I found a great place within (under, actually) my budget with lots of space for me and my dog... thanks! - BeckahAnn

  10. Hey, this is the second time I've used The first time I found my first roommate on here and i couldn't have found a better one anywhere! This service matches you up with exactly what you want. Needless to say the exact same thing happened again! - Wmnchief

  11. This website gives a great return on investment. I spent $20 one time to save over $200 a month. I am a recent college graduate and this website helped me tremendously. I have told almost everyone about it. Thank you! You have a great service. - Kyle211

  12. This service was amazing. It has provided me with the most amazing roommate, and apartment. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for. And I didn't have to pay out the nose for the service. I am going to recommend this to everybody! -David f. Escobedo- - FntsyWlkr

  13. Thank you,! After only three weeks and meeting quite a few people, I was able to find an affordable room for rent with someone whose personality is matches my own! This was definitely worth the membership! Thank you! ~Prie - Plyric

  14. Thank you so much for all the great customer support I'm very glad that I could find a great person to live with so easily. Thank You again! - Mairanaranjo

  15. This seriously was a great service. I found a wonderful roommate with a great house. I'm so happy! - Kitty33

  16. Thank you very much for the service. I work so much that I never really had much time to search on my own. Your services made it easy and convenient. - Brent79

  17. Thanks Right away your system matched me with a man who made me his wife and roommate for life! - Lorin

  18. I found a roommate! I would like to thank the creators of this website. Without it I don't know what I would have done. Thanks again!!!! Sincerely, - Jonathan

  19. Thanks for the website at such a low price...I found a room in less than 3 days. ppl are great on this site and quick to respond - Ramie

  20. I was very impressed with The number of possible roommates was huge; I was able to find a place within 1 mile of my job, for a reasonable price, in an excellent area. Thank you! - Lisa

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