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  1. This website was great. I had heard about it through a couple people, and so did the person I met through it. It was quick, easy, and found my roommate within a couple weeks! Thanks! - Jamie

  2. Your service is the best that I came across in looking for a roommate. Keep up the good work! - Danielle

  3. Best website I have ever used. I got no responses placing ads in the newspaper or even going the traditional route of placing papers all over the place asking people if they wanted to rent a room - I found somebody through in 1 week. Thanks. - Chance

  4. I found a GREAT roommate through this GREAT site. I dealt with a few different people via newspapers and friend search's and they all brought the worst out of the woodwork. I went through ROOMMATES.COM and found the perfect roommate who shares all my interests and whom is almost totally compatible. I am EXTREMLY pleased with this service, and thank you guys for finding me a great place, in a great area with great people! I owe you big time,! - James

  5. I am originally from Wisconsin and went to school in Arizona so when I decided to transfer to Tennessee, I had no where to go. One of my friends in AZ found a roommate through this website and mentioned the service to me. My profile was posted only a few days and I was already getting immediate responses. I met with six new people and found a roommate two days later. We are now living together and everything is perfect. This website was very convenient and easy to use. Without this service, I would probably still be looking for a place to live!!! Thank you for your help - Sheena

  6. I have to say that when a friend recommended, I was extremely skeptical. Yes, at $20 it's darn cheap, but... I've been through plenty of services before, some online and some in NYC. By and large, these services turned out to be overly expensive and practically (if not completely) useless., however, not only gave me a good number of matches for my particular situation (gay-friendly with cat) but I didn't have to wade through bogus ads from brokers and jokers. Thanks! - Jack

  7. Thank you so much for your website.. When last minute I found myself in a position were I had a month until I was going to move from Seattle to AZ, and no place to live, I felt really overwhelmed.. It made me a little nervous that I wouldnt have time to meet my roommate before i moved.. The profiles really asked the right questions and I was able to sort through all of the mail that I got daily and pick potential roommates that I felt would be a good match.. Thanks to this website I found a roommate and things couldnt be more perfect.. My new place is great but more importantly my roommate is great!! THANKS - Kira

  8. Wow, ok where do I begin. I began using your service Dec. 25, 2003. I rec'd lots of inquiries and showed my room to maybe like 6 people and talked with many more. Most people seemed quite interested but none were really definite. Anyhow, today I spoke with a student that goes to UCLA. We talked for a while and she was extremely interested and wanted to see how soon she could move in, without even first seeing my apartment. After talking with her I decided she seemed like the perfect candidate, a student that also holds a full time job. Sometimes your gut feeling about a person is all you really need. I went ahead and advised her that I would be pulling my profile and welcomed her as my new roomie. Thank you for all your help. I could not have done it without you. - Naye

  9. I've been very pleased with your service and I've found three very good roommates. Without your service, I think my work would have been really cut out for me! Thanks! - Paul

  10. is the best I have meet a great person, individual who I know will be one of those people that you will just know forever. He is a really down to earth type guy, really sweet and just an all around good person. Thank you so much and good luck to everyone that trys to find a home or try to rent a home. - Anna

  11. This service was amazing, I want to thank you so much for all your help and recommend its usefulness to anyone else looking to rent a room. Thanks again - Ginny

  12. Great service! I would never have been able to find a room for my studies in the US from Germany without - Mark

  13. Found a great place, great location, great price. is doing a great job! The design of this site is perfect. Detailed infomation yet sufficiently confidential. - Ali

  14. This is my second time needing this service. The first one we found was a pure joy. Circumstances moved her elsewhere and we have found yet another awesome roomate. This service is invaluable. - Heide

  15. I couldn't have asked for a better solution to my roommate needs. I am moving to California with no personal contacts, and have never tried to find a place to live long distance. I tried four different sites, but this was the only one that covered all the bases I needed. I not only found a roommate, I managed to find an extremely affordable place, the right location, and within the timeline I needed. Without this site I would still be searching frantically for a housing solution. I have and will continue to recommend to anyone who needs to find what they're looking for in a timely and oranized fashion! A+ - Ben

  16. I have found a roommate.. Thank you so much for having this wonderful service. It made a rough situation in my life alot more easier to handle.. Thank you once again. - Jennifer

  17. As usual I had numerous people interested in renting because of your site. I will never advertise in the paper as long as you are around! We can always find a renter in 2 days with your service. Thanks, - Lynn

  18. It is the best service in the world! I usually find roommates witnin a day! Thank you for such a good service and I always recommend to anyone who is looking for a roommate. It is the best! - Tanaya

  19. Your service is great! I had been connected to another service since mid July with no results before I found out about you. With your service and choices I found a perfect match in less than a week!~ Thanks ever so much. - Pat

  20. Your service was amazing. I am very lucky to have found my new house and very awesome roommates within 2 weeks. The house is huge, its in a great area and the community is all brand new and belive it or not it matched what i wanted in a house in my goals from 6 months ago. How incredible is that?!! So again thank you so much for helping me find my new HOME! Sincerely, - Erin

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