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  1. If you can believe it, I found a roommate who teaches the same grade as me! We have a lot in common. Thank you for your help in finding me the perfect roommate. Good luck to everyone else out there! Don't give up hope! - Sandra

  2. I was notified by a renter on the 3rd day of my subsciption. I am more than pleased with and my new apartment! If I am ever in need of these services again, will be the first place I go. Thanks - David

  3. This is an amazing website! It's the second time I used the service, and have been left pleased. My new roomate is a teriffic match. I highly endorse it to anybody that needs a roomie! Thank you! - Leonard

  4. Awesome site. I've used it before when I've been in a pinch. I found a great roommate and also ending up being great friends with another potential roomie so I've got a roommate plus 2 great friendships thanks to y'all. - Meg

  5. Thank you. Your service was very easy to use and convient!! Your website is easy to navigate, very visual appealing, your selection of roommates was very good as well!! I have decided to live with my sister instead of one of these memebers however I will recommend your service to ANYONE I hear needing a roomate! Thank you again, and I will be using this service again in April when I decide to move again! - Adrienne

  6. Dear Thank you for providing this service! I'm glad it's an option other than posting messages on laundry room boards and personal ads. Kudos to the mastermind who launched this program! - Dina

  7. Thank you! This is the second time I've used your service, and for the second time, I found what I'm sure will be a perfect living situation. In 3 days I found everything I had hoped for, which was not a small task. I will continue to recommend at every opportunity. - Amy

  8. SUCH a great help. I really got a feel for the places and the people before I saw them, thus allowing me to use my time seeing the spaces that really met my needs. - Melissa

  9. This service was the best online experience I have ever had. Although I didn't find my roommate through your site me and my roommate found a place to live through your streamlined personal preferences. Thank you for helping us find such a good match price and location wise. All the potential roommates and properties I visited good choices. - Jonathan

  10. This is a sorta half and half. I found a roomate, and it was through So thankyou for this service, I am happy that I paid for my subscription. The funny thing is, I had a friend/acquaintance who had an ad looking to fill a room. I was looking for a room. When we get together we don't talk about things like that, so we had no idea of each others dilema. Thanks to this website, I found an ad that sounded like a friend of mine. It was near where he lived and sounded like his place. Lo-and-behold it was him. Thanks for all the help. - Doug

  11. What a great service! The first person who came to look at our room decided she would take it. It's a lot easier than the "old days" when the choices were to put an ad in the paper or "Roommate Finders!" I'm sure we'll be signing on with again! Thanks. - Wendybird

  12. This is a great service. I found a roommate within 2 days and we have so much in common, it's like we're family already. I would recommend to anyone. Thank you!! - Shar

  13. This was the second time I used successfully. People don't believe me at first when I say I used an online roommate service, but then they check it out and see how much better it is than the hassle of newspapers and bulletin boards. Thanks again. - Devalux

  14. I've used your service to find four different rooming situations! All of the people have been friendly, helpful, and interesting. Thank you for providing this service,! - 863895

  15. I think your service is a wonderful way to find a great roommate. I've found 2 roommates through so far and I'm really happy! Thank you. - Jewel

  16. Thanks! Yet another time I have utilized this service to find it useful and user-friendly. - Joelle

  17. I found the best roommate that i could have ever hoped for. Thanks, this site truly is amazing!! - Heesh

  18. I spent only 2 days trying to find a roommate through before I found a great one. I didn't need to advertise anywhere else!! is very useful. - Onur

  19. Thank you for your help -- I did not know a service like yours existed --- finding a reasonably affordable place to live ,close to work --- I'm set. - Whiley

  20. This is a great service! I used another service initially and it wasn't as effective. I like how I was matched up with potential roommates...that made my search much easier. -Laura - Laura

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