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  1. My expectations were surpassed with this service. I found exactly what I was looking for within 1 week. Much more effective than another method. Thanks, - Jesse

  2. I was very impressed with the quantity of potential roommates on and the ease with getting in touch with them. I found one within a couple of weeks and I'll definitely use the site again. Thank-you. - Daniel

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  4. I really liked this service and would definitely recommend anyone to use this service. It is by far the fastest and easiest way to find people that you can trust. Thanks Brandon - Snoopy1

  5. Thank you very much! My roommate just moved yesterday and we get along sooo well! - Rachael21

  6. If and when I need to find another roommate, I will definitely sign up to this program. It was great!! Thanks - Keck

  7. Your service is fantastic. Everyone I contacted online was professional and kind. I'm definitely looking forward to posting my profile again. Michael - Mweiss009

  8. Yay! I found roommates in a lovely house who seem to fit me perfectly for an extremely affordable rent. THANKS! - Alex23

  9. Thank you so much. I found some great roommates right away with and I am really grateful. It was so simple: I just found them on my matches list after I first signed up and now I'm moving this week. Jhale211 - JHale211

  10. Thanks a lot! I'd recommend this service to others who need a roommate. This was a fast & convinient way to find a roommate who'll be likely to get along with you. - Kate

  11. It is a great site! I found my first roommate who I lived with for 1.5 years on this site. She is now moving out and buying a home with her boyfriend. Then, I found my second roommate here. Now with the first roommate being my best friend and the second roommate becoming a great addition to my home, I have absolute trust in the internet roommate search. Thanks for the help! - Elizabeth

  12. Thank you for helping us find a ideal roommate before the holiday arrives. I would really recommend you all to my friends and co-workers. Your services was so easy to use and has helped us though our most stressful time of the year. Sincerely - Nick and Dorina

  13. really helped me find a great "family" in the area I wanted to be in. I was crunched for time and well I needed to move fast I'm glad there was a service out there that could meet my needs. Thank you again for a great site/service. - Brian

  14. This is the second successful Roommate that I've found using And whether it's during the busy Spring season, or slow Fall season, I've always been able to find a lot of possible matches. Keep up the good work & great service! - Thomas

  15. It's a great site you've got going here. I had to find a roommate in the DC area while living in Oregon in order to facilitate my move to start a new job. This seemed like an impossible task, but thanks to, I've got a place lined up and ready to go.All in all, I think the site is head and shoulders above the rest in making sure people are compatable. Thanks, you made my life a whole lot easier... now I just have to start driving!!! - Nathaniel

  16. This site really helped me find a new friend/roommate and place to live in an emergency situation...I would highly recommend it to anyone out there who is in search of new surroundings and new friends. I am really happy so far with my new friend/roomie and I really think that things will work out well :) Happy Holidays to everyone and thanks so much again for all your help :) - April

  17. The site was fantastic and would recommend it to anyone looking for a place to live. It was especially useful for me as I am from Australia and had no idea where to start looking for a place regards - Jason

  18. This service is excellent. I had no idea how I was going to find a roommate in a city I knew no people in. This helped me find one in less than a week. Thank you so much. - Caitlin

  19. I am so very thankful that such a website exists. Not only was the profile setup easy, but the security you feel using this website is second to none. I was relocating and had to find a roommate and in less than 2 weeks, I had corresponded with tons of people and met with at least 7. Finally, out of the 7, I was lucky enough to find a very sweet girl for my roommate. Now my only regret is that I won't get to live with the both of them!! Thanks again! :) - Lauren

  20. Thank God I found this website. I had only 2 weeks to find a roommate, and luckily I had so many people interested. It was awesome and fast. And now I have my new roommate and everything is all set!! - Tania

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