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2,503 testimonials... and counting.

111. This site is amazing! I was on here for three days and found great roomates. I'm making a huge move from NJ to California, which is nerve wracking in itself, but finding the right people to live with is key. Thank you!
- Krell
112. Wow talk about quick and easy to use. Within 12 hours I had someone contacting me and a place to stay.
- Rich
113. I'm so glad I used Roommates.com! I was able to find an apartment and a roommate that are a perfect match for me. This was so much easier than weeding through all the listings on other websites. Thank you!!
- Meg
114. This is an amazing program and one that helped me tremendously! I found a few prospective roommates and found one that worked out almost too perfectly for me! Thank you for everything!
- Channing
115. This is the second time I've used Roommates, and I'm happy to say I have found a roommate that I think will be a great match. I'm looking forward to her moving in. I would not have been comfortable with taking a roommate who would be moving here from another part of the country except through Roommates.com. Thank you.
- Meghan
116. Thanks once again for helping me to find a quality person to live with. This website is so easy to use and efficient. I love it!!
- Caitlin
117. It was my second time to use roommates.com, and I will use it again. I found a roommate the same day I upgraded. Thank you guys!
- Michael
118. This site was great. I found great roommates in the Washington DC Area in less than a week. Site provided all the info, so all I had to do was pick. Sweet deal!! Great experience!!
- Dannie
119. I signed up for Roommates.com on Friday evening. I am pleased to say that on Saturday afternoon I found a roommate on Roommates.com that was a perfect match. We both paid the $5.99 upgrade to read our complete profiles and emails. It was worth it! We made additional contact through internet email and then by telephone on Sunday. He came to meet me and view my home on Monday. We spent three hours just talking as if we had known each other for years. On Tuesday, we both extended and accepted the offer. On Wednesday, he moved in. I received emails from several others canidates as well. I was not comfortable with any of the others. I feel this one is the right one. Thanks for being there Roommates.com when I needed you.
- Jacqueline
120. Yes, I found a roommate through Roommates.com. The sight was very reliable and convenient. My roommate is from North Carolina and he moved in yesterday. Thank you very much roommates.com for assisting me!
- Terrance