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81. This is one the best and most reliable website to find a roommate. I found a nice and responsible person in less than a month.
- Sandra
82. This is the fourth time I have used ROOMMATES.COM. The first time I only purchased a three (3) day membership. I responded to the MATCHES if I felt that they were the type of person I would want as a ROOMMATE. In the response, or the contact member section, I gave a bit more information and my cell phone number as well. ALL FOUR TIMES, I was successful in finding a ROOMMATE. Both my current ROOMMATES are due to this membership. I have to add that the SUPPORT DEPARTMENT IS TOP NOTCH. With any question I sent to them I received an immediate answer. ROOMMATES.COM is well worth the inexpensive membership fee. I give ROOMMATES.COM 10's across the board...Thanks again.
- Mike
83. This is the second roommate I have found via Roommates.com. I am very satisfied with the service.
- Susan
84. At first I really didn't want to pay the money for the services provided here, but the honest truth is that I found a great place to live and it was more than worth the money spent. Thanks Roommates.com! Finding a good place to live isn't easy and I really appreciate this service!!!
- Amanda
85. The first person to reply has become my roommate, was on my time schedule and it has been 3 weeks and seems to be working out very well. I know he'll probably be here for about 6 months and will use Roommates again when I need a new roommate.
- Jjudy
86. Roommates.com is a great resource. I found a renter through roommates.com
- Milton
87. I thought the website was very user friendly. I found the perfect roommate, not only for me, but for my dog Lexi too. Her and I love our new home and new friends. I have already recommended this for a friend. Thanks for everything :)
- Christy
88. Thank you for providing your great service. I got thirteen (13) replies in eight (8) days to my request to find temporary lodging. Most people want a more permanent place to stay than my scenario of just three nights per week and for only three to four months. I found your site very easy to use and also found that there are many out there who need someone to room with or find lodging by themselves. Again, thank you,
- Bill
89. Thank you for this service it was fantastic and lucky I found you. I found a great connection that my daughter and I will be comfortable and happy with til we can find a place on our own.... You are a lifesaver... I recommend this for anyone.
- Susan
90. Thank you. I found a great roommate and quickly!! Roommates.com is the only way to go when you need a roommate.
- Heather